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 Open Division - Summer
Team W4W3W2W1 Win-Loss WLT DC501DCHI Last 5 AVG PTS
Darting Starvists7-55-78-48-428-203-1-06-23-519-13WLWW.58328
Mighty Reds6-67-58-45-726-222-1-13-57-116-16TWWL.54226
Missed Again!5-77-56-67-525-232-1-15-32-618-14LWTW.52125
Summer in the 20s6-66-66-66-624-240-0-44-43-517-15TTTT.50024
Tall Boys & Shots6-65-74-86-621-270-2-24-45-312-20TLLT.43821
Looney Bulls6-66-64-84-820-280-2-22-64-414-18TTLL.41720


 Week 4 All Stars
2 All Stars
Player Team Division All Star Score
Edwin MasonDarting StarvistsOpen Division - Summer130-168140
1 All Star
Player Team Division All Star Score
Cassidy ActonSummer in the 20sOpen Division - Summer130-168140
David Fox-SproullTall Boys & ShotsOpen Division - Summer130-168140
Ray GrenkieMissed Again!Open Division - Summer130-168137
Allen OttawayLooney BullsOpen Division - Summer130-168140
Daniela PodsedlyDarting StarvistsOpen Division - Summer130-168134
Carl ZhouMissed Again!Open Division - Summer130-168138