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 B Division
Team W25W24W23W22W21 Win-Loss WLT 501S501DDC Last 5 Average Points
Joe's Garage8-412-010-211-18-4172-8016-4-189-3742-2141-22WWWWW.683172
Black Knights6-69-36-69-37-5164-8815-3-378-4836-2750-13TWTWW.651164
Liquid Assets4-88-46-68-411-1162-9015-4-273-5341-2248-15LWTWW.643162
Bull Frogs8-40-127-54-85-7127-12510-9-263-6332-3132-31WLWLL.504127
Bud's Bunch6-67-57-51-112-1083-1695-13-344-8225-3814-49TWWLL.32983
In The Red4-83-95-70-124-880-1722-16-343-8320-4317-46LLLLL.31780
Pork Pullers5-75-75-73-91-1172-1800-19-241-8516-4715-48LLLLL.28672


 Week 25 All Stars
4 All Stars
Player Team Division All Star Score
Andrew BennionLiquid AssetsB Division130-168133
2 All Stars
Player Team Division All Star Score
Tom BakerBud's BunchB Division130-168140
Dan LauzonBud's BunchB Division130-168130
Justin PayneJoe's GarageB Division130-168140
Gus SubramanianLiquid AssetsB Division130-168141
1 All Star
Player Team Division All Star Score
Martin BrindleyBlack KnightsB Division130-168140
Joe DaSilvaBull FrogsB Division7or87
Jeremiah GroulxLiquid AssetsB Division7or87
Stuart KempstonBlack KnightsB Division130-168140
Enzo LamaidaPork PullersB Division130-168154
Steve LoweRoversB Division130-168133
Sean McInerneyBlack KnightsB Division7or87