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 C Division
Team W20W18W17W16W15 Win-Loss WLT 501DDC501S Last 5 Average Points
Tall Boys & Shots6-66-6 5-76-6119-978-2-834-2028-2657-51TTLTW.551119
Double Ones6-65-75-76-66-6118-1107-7-529-2831-2658-56TLLTT.518118
WingIts5-77-5 7-55-7112-1046-7-525-2930-2457-51LWWLL.519112
Darts Amore4-812-0 6-64-8107-1095-7-625-2924-3058-50LWTLL.495107
Fox in the Dart House8-46-67-56-68-4106-1226-9-424-3325-3257-57WTWTW.465106
Happy Bullmores7-50-12 6-67-598-1187-7-428-2627-2743-65WLTWL.45498


 Week 20 All Stars
1 All Star
Player Team Division All Star Score
Cam BirkbeckFox in the Dart HouseC Division130-168135
John MarlandHappy BullmoresC Division130-1687
Shawn MurphyTall Boys & ShotsC Division130-168140
Rick RaysonTall Boys & ShotsC Division130-168139
Andy RiederWingItsC Division130-168133
Jo-Anne RoosDouble OnesC Division130-168140