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 Open Division
Team W12W11W10W9W8 Win-Loss WLT 501S501DDC Last 5 Average Points
Rovers5-77-59-3 7-588-448-3-045-2122-1121-12LWWWW.66788
Liquid Assets12-010-26-610-2 85-476-3-242-2422-1121-12WWTWL.64485
Joe's Garage9-3 6-66-67-579-417-0-338-2220-1021-9WTTWW.65879
Shafters7-57-5 8-48-468-527-3-037-2314-1617-13WWWWW.56768
Bud's Bunch9-35-76-66-64-859-733-6-227-3919-1413-20WLTTL.44759
Black Knights 2-106-63-95-754-664-4-226-3411-1917-13LTLLL.45054
In The Red3-95-77-54-88-452-804-6-126-409-2417-16LLWLW.39452
Pork Pullers0-126-63-99-35-747-853-7-122-4414-1911-22LTLWL.35647
Bull Frogs3-96-65-72-104-844-880-10-125-4113-206-27LTLLL.33344


 Week 12 All Stars
3 All Stars
Player Team Division All Star Score
Donnie CulbertsonShaftersOpen Division170+180
Cian SweeneyIn The RedOpen DivisionHF151
2 All Stars
Player Team Division All Star Score
John CrawfordRoversOpen Division130-168140
Paul DenningJoe's GarageOpen Division130-168133
Mark HaygarthIn The RedOpen Division130-168154
John HunterBull FrogsOpen Division130-168133
Bob RaffertyBud's BunchOpen Division130-168140
1 All Star
Player Team Division All Star Score
Joe DaSilvaBull FrogsOpen Division130-168133
Sean DavisShaftersOpen Division130-168140
Daniel DupuisBud's BunchOpen Division130-168140
Ten GatongJoe's GarageOpen Division130-168140
Steve LoweRoversOpen Division130-168140
Nick PalinRoversOpen Division130-168140