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 Open Division
Team W18W17W16W15W14 Win-Loss WLT 501DDC501S Last 5 Average Points
Joe's Garage6-611-17-510-25-7127-6511-1-434-1433-1560-36TWWWL.661127
Rovers 7-510-22-109-3124-6812-4-029-1932-1663-33WWLWW.646124
Liquid Assets8-4 6-65-79-3117-758-5-332-1630-1855-41WTLWL.609117
Shafters8-46-6 7-57-5100-8010-4-123-2222-2355-35WTWWL.556100
Black Knights8-45-75-76-66-692-1006-6-420-2828-2044-52WLLTT.47992
Bud's Bunch6-67-52-108-43-985-1075-8-326-2219-2940-56TWLWL.44385
In The Red4-85-76-6 6-682-1105-8-315-3324-2443-53LLTTW.42782
Bull Frogs4-86-6 6-63-966-1260-13-317-3110-3839-57LTTLL.34466
Pork Pullers4-81-11 4-8 59-1213-11-117-2815-3027-63LLLLL.32859


 Week 18 All Stars
3 All Stars
Player Team Division All Star Score
Michael ComeauShaftersOpen Division130-168140
2 All Stars
Player Team Division All Star Score
Billy CripsShaftersOpen Division130-168140
Paul DenningJoe's GarageOpen Division130-168136
Paul O'DonnellJoe's GarageOpen Division130-168131
Gus SubramanianLiquid AssetsOpen Division130-168140
Cian SweeneyIn The RedOpen Division130-168140
1 All Star
Player Team Division All Star Score
Andrew BennionLiquid AssetsOpen Division170+171
Tony ElefteriadisPork PullersOpen Division7or87
John HunterBull FrogsOpen Division130-168133
Stuart KempstonBlack KnightsOpen Division130-168138
Dan NaranjoShaftersOpen Division130-168140
Bob RaffertyBud's BunchOpen Division7or87
Soner YapiciJoe's GarageOpen Division130-168140