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 A Division
Team W17W16W15W14W13 Win-Loss WLT DC501S501D Last 5 Average Points
Power Mix13-7  8-126-14169-13111-4-017-13135-10517-13WLLWW.563169
Dart Vaders1-1912-813-712-812-8160-1808-9-022-12117-15521-13LWWWW.471160
Starving Dartists10-108-12 5-15 152-1487-7-114-16125-11513-17TLLWW.507152
Shafters7-138-127-1314-6 124-1963-13-011-21102-15411-21LLLWL.388124
Treblemakers10-10 1-196-148-1294-2261-14-14-2880-17610-22TLLLL.29494

 Week 18 Results
   A Division
DartsLife @Power Mix 
Dart Vaders @Treblemakers 
Starving Dartists @Shafters 

 Week 18 All Stars
There were no all stars found for this week