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 A Division
Team W9W8W7W6W5 Win-Loss WLT 501DDC501S Last 5 Average Points
Starving Dartists6-149-1114-611-98-1292-885-4-09-910-873-71LLWWL.51192
Power Mix13-75-15 17-312-888-726-2-010-67-971-57WLWWW.55088
Dart Vaders7-1314-62-189-1112-882-983-6-09-911-762-82LWLLW.45682
Shafters9-1111-9 4-168-1268-922-6-04-127-957-71LWLLW.42568


 Week 9 All Stars
2 All Stars
Player Team Division All Star Score
Afonso PaisPower MixA Division170+180
1 All Star
Player Team Division All Star Score
John CrawfordDart VadersA Division170+180
Billy CripsShaftersA Division170+180
Steve FarmerTreblemakersA Division170+180
Bob JohnsonTreblemakersA DivisionHF121
Jamie MartinTreblemakersA Division130-168180