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Team W1 Win-Loss WLT 601TCRKT301 Last 5 Average Points
J Brians Bullet Club 2.08-38-31-0-01-12-15-1W.7278
Gateway Tons For Tom8-38-31-0-01-13-04-2W.7278
Hayes Tavern High Life8-38-31-0-02-02-14-2W.7278
British Club Gladiators3-83-80-1-01-10-32-4L.2733
K of C Methuen Dangerous By Design3-83-80-1-00-21-22-4L.2733
Bavarian Beer Monkeys3-83-80-1-01-11-21-5L.2733

Team W1 Win-Loss WLT 601TCRKT301 Last 5 Average Points
British Club Hitmen8-38-31-0-01-13-04-2W.7278
British Club Oddballs7-47-41-0-02-01-24-2W.6367
Bavarian Club Grinders6-56-51-0-01-11-24-2W.5456
Portuguese American Club - Upsetters6-56-51-0-02-02-12-4W.5456
Arlington Club #15-65-60-1-00-21-24-2L.4555
Rolf's - Drunken Wolfpack5-65-60-1-01-12-12-4L.4555
Claddagh Pub Misfits4-74-70-1-00-22-12-4L.3644
Relief's In Fuzzy Navels3-83-80-1-01-10-32-4L.2733

Team W1 Win-Loss WLT 601TCRKT301 Last 5 Average Points
British Club Berkeley10-110-11-0-02-02-16-0W.90910
Arlington Club 3rd Dart8-38-31-0-02-02-14-2W.7278
Rocky Club - Fossils7-47-41-0-01-12-14-2W.6367
Portuguese American Club - River Rats6-56-51-0-01-12-13-3W.5456
Arlington Club Wire Thrashers5-65-60-1-01-11-23-3L.4555
British Club Ravens4-74-70-1-01-11-22-4L.3644
Keltic Club - Jackals3-83-80-1-00-21-22-4L.2733
British Club Renegades1-101-100-1-00-21-20-6L.0911

Team W1 Win-Loss WLT 601TCRKT301 Last 5 Average Points
KofC Methuen Cowboys From Hell9-29-21-0-02-03-04-2W.8189
Rocky Club Armed&Hammered9-29-21-0-02-02-15-1W.8189
Irish Cottage D2NL6-56-51-0-02-02-12-4W.5456
Rocky Club - FTN6-56-51-0-00-22-14-2W.5456
J Brians Outlaws5-65-60-1-00-21-24-2L.4555
Lawrence Elks - Beer Pressure5-65-60-1-02-01-22-4L.4555
Haye's H-Men2-92-90-1-00-20-32-4L.1822

Team W1 Win-Loss WLT 601TCRKT301 Last 5 Average Points
British Club Bad Intentions8-28-21-0-02-02-14-1W.8008
Amer Legion Lucky Donkeys6-56-51-0-01-12-13-3W.5456
Arlington Club 4F's6-56-51-0-02-01-23-3W.5456
Keltic Club - 2X and a Misfit5-65-60-1-00-22-13-3L.4555
Combination Club The Old Guys5-65-60-1-01-11-23-3L.4555
Portuguese American Club Wreckin Crew2-82-80-1-00-21-21-4L.2002
VFW Methuen Stingers2-92-90-1-00-21-21-5L.1822


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 Week 1 All Stars
4 All Stars
Player Team Division All Star Score
Joey CurtinK of C Methuen Dangerous By DesignATon's245
   High In120
   High In105
Lance EnaireK of C Methuen Dangerous By DesignATon's305
   High In140
   High In105
3 All Stars
Player Team Division All Star Score
Tony BenjaminHayes Tavern High LifeATon's361
   Low Dart Game14
Justin HoodJ Brians Bullet Club 2.0ATon's412
   High Out112
Jack KinsmanArlington Club #1B-1Ton's106
   High In106
Donna LemieuxK of C Methuen Dangerous By DesignATon's200
   High In100
Mark MarantoK of C Methuen Dangerous By DesignATon's102
   High In102
Scott NadeauArlington Club Wire ThrashersB-2Ton's221
   High In120
Chris VasquezRelief's In Fuzzy NavelsB-1Ton's105
   High In105
2 All Stars
Player Team Division All Star Score
James KillaleaCladdagh Pub MisfitsB-1Ton's100
Elbi Alba Sr.British Club GladiatorsATon's134
Spencer AleciHayes Tavern High LifeATon's215
Charlie BeaulieuBavarian Club GrindersB-1Ton's100
Wayne BerryBritish Club RenegadesB-2Ton's259
Rodney BlanchardIrish Cottage D2NLC1Ton's106
   High Out106
Cheryl BobolaAmer Legion Lucky DonkeysC2Ton's140
Steve BonfimJ Brians OutlawsC1Ton's200
Dan CloutierRocky Club - FossilsB-2Ton's100
Derek CzabanBavarian Club GrindersB-1Ton's361
   High In101
Blaine DoyleHayes Tavern High LifeATon's100
Waffle EdwardsBritish Club Bad IntentionsC2Ton's100
Frank EnaireRelief's In Fuzzy NavelsB-1Ton's134
Dan FoleyArlington Club 3rd DartB-2Ton's100
Marco GensaleBritish Club RavensB-2Ton's242
   High In112
James HadleyBavarian Club GrindersB-1Ton's248
   High Out148
Tom KennedyCladdagh Pub MisfitsB-1Ton's100
Chuck LacourseKeltic Club - JackalsB-2Ton's200
Leo "Buzzy" LandryArlington Club 3rd DartB-2RO-9x1
Paul MarquisPortuguese American Club - UpsettersB-1Ton's300
Nick MartinKeltic Club - 2X and a MisfitC2Ton's200
Tim McDonoughJ Brians Bullet Club 2.0ATon's441
   High In101
Kyle MuiseRolf's - Drunken WolfpackB-1Ton's100
Jared PeabodyIrish Cottage D2NLC1Ton's210
   High In110
Craig PisaniIrish Cottage D2NLC1Ton's100
Jean RamosRelief's In Fuzzy NavelsB-1RO-9x1
Steve SalleseKofC Methuen Cowboys From HellC1Ton's100
Adrian SantanaBritish Club HitmenB-1Ton's102
   High In102
John Slauter SrRocky Club - FossilsB-2Ton's201
   High In101
Rob WingertVFW Methuen StingersC2Ton's140
1 All Star
Player Team Division All Star Score
Ben AcevedoPortuguese American Club - UpsettersB-1Ton's120
Mark BabineBritish Club BerkeleyB-2Ton's125
Brenna BakerLawrence Elks - Beer PressureC1Ton's220
Ken BakerLawrence Elks - Beer PressureC1Ton's120
Rob BenedictRocky Club - FossilsB-2Ton's113
Luis BermudezHayes Tavern High LifeATon's320
Mark BouchardCladdagh Pub MisfitsB-1Ton's232
Maryann BozekArlington Club 4F'sC2Ton's126
Terry BrooksBritish Club GladiatorsATon's336
Steven BrophyBritish Club RavensB-2Ton's234
Jake BrouillardGateway Tons For TomATon's200
Steve BrunelleKeltic Club - JackalsB-2Ton's100
Kevin BurnsRocky Club Armed&HammeredC1Ton's251
Steve CaisseBritish Club HitmenB-1Ton's114
MIKE CallahanPortuguese American Club Wreckin CrewC2RO's6
Miguel CamachoPortuguese American Club - UpsettersB-1Ton's200
Paul CarunchoRocky Club Armed&HammeredC1Ton's219
Eric CloutierRocky Club - FossilsB-2Ton's321
Rich CoppolaArlington Club Wire ThrashersB-2RO's6
Brian CulbertBritish Club RenegadesB-2Ton's205
Anthony D'AmicoRelief's In Fuzzy NavelsB-1Ton's200
Brandon D'AvolioVFW Methuen StingersC2RO's6
Paul DezielRocky Club Armed&HammeredC1Ton's140
Cheryl DooleyBritish Club OddballsB-1Ton's100
Chuck DragoCombination Club The Old GuysC2Ton's103
Mike DunnLawrence Elks - Beer PressureC1RO's6
John EasonPortuguese American Club - UpsettersB-1Ton's100
Matt EatonBritish Club HitmenB-1RO's6
Eric EdwardsRolf's - Drunken WolfpackB-1Ton's237
Jeremy FishBritish Club HitmenB-1Ton's100
Peter FloresPortuguese American Club - River RatsB-2Ton's140
Bill GagnonRocky Club - FTNC1Ton's123
Andrew GiardGateway Tons For TomATon's492
Brett HamelK of C Methuen Dangerous By DesignARO's12
Dave HarrisRolf's - Drunken WolfpackB-1Ton's100
Mike HayesBritish Club OddballsB-1Ton's220
Jeff HollinrakeAmer Legion Lucky DonkeysC2Ton's100
John HoodJ Brians Bullet Club 2.0ATon's140
Tim HowardRolf's - Drunken WolfpackB-1Ton's100
Steve HulseIrish Cottage D2NLC1RO's6
Rodney HyltonBritish Club RenegadesB-2RO's6
Paul JacksonArlington Club #1B-1Ton's100
Kim JamesonArlington Club 4F'sC2Ton's140
Nick JohnstoneBavarian Beer MonkeysATon's100
Jeremy JungetJ Brians Bullet Club 2.0ARO's14
Duane LachanceBritish Club OddballsB-1Ton's200
Joey LacourseKeltic Club - JackalsB-2Ton's100
Kurt LambroukosBritish Club GladiatorsATon's100
Domenic LaRosaBritish Club BerkeleyB-2Ton's121
Paul LavioletteHayes Tavern High LifeATon's240
Scott LeesBritish Club BerkeleyB-2RO's6
Ryan LongdinHayes Tavern High LifeARO's7
Gordon ManciniBritish Club RavensB-2Ton's105
Brian MarcouxCombination Club The Old GuysC2Ton's125
Mark MartinKeltic Club - 2X and a MisfitC2RO's7
Jon MartorellaRelief's In Fuzzy NavelsB-1Ton's100
Paul MasennaCombination Club The Old GuysC2Ton's160
Tony MolinaKeltic Club - JackalsB-2Ton's200
Barry MuiseArlington Club 4F'sC2Ton's100
Chris MullinVFW Methuen StingersC2Ton's102
Steve NewtonRolf's - Drunken WolfpackB-1Ton's300
Jay ParoliseBritish Club BerkeleyB-2Ton's100
Brian ParreiraPortuguese American Club - River RatsB-2Ton's100
Kevin PoliquinBavarian Beer MonkeysATon's100
Kim ProvencalBritish Club HitmenB-1Ton's100
Dennis ProvostPortuguese American Club Wreckin CrewC2Ton's200
Arty RobichaudRocky Club - FTNC1Ton's100
Diane RogersBritish Club GladiatorsATon's100
Christine RousseauBritish Club RavensB-2Ton's225
Tim SampsonK of C Methuen Dangerous By DesignARO's7
Sean SeeleyArlington Club #1B-1Ton's100
Joey SilvaRolf's - Drunken WolfpackB-1Ton's140
Steve SiroisPortuguese American Club - UpsettersB-1Ton's140
Paul SlauterRocky Club - FossilsB-2RO's6
Mark StrasselJ Brians Bullet Club 2.0ARO's4
Tony TarasieweczArlington Club Wire ThrashersB-2Ton's200
James TetivaBritish Club HitmenB-1Ton's100
Dave TimpeGateway Tons For TomATon's200
Derek TimpeGateway Tons For TomATon's101
Ryan TrulliGateway Tons For TomATon's200
John VerziBritish Club BerkeleyB-2Ton's134
Derrick WirthBritish Club BerkeleyB-2Ton's280