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Pos Name Division WP 301601TCRKT PPW AS TON180RO-6CRO-9LDGH-InH-OutRO's AVG PTS
1J Brians OutlawsC2314-45-17-2873000N/A1010130.788
1British Club Dangerous By DesignA315-34-27-2252400091600460.788
1British Club Pep BoysC2316-23-37-2564000N/A00120.788
4British Club We Dem BoysA315-34-26-3276100110160117500.758
4Gateway Pub WarriorsA312-65-18-12002001N/A1200330.758
6British Club Bad IntentionsB1314-44-26-31948000N/A1200370.727
7British Club BerkeleyB-2311-75-16-3762000N/A00120.667
8Keltic Club - JackalsC138-105-17-2865000N/A00320.606
8Sargent Club Bull SquadC1313-54-23-6863000N/A00190.606
8Lawrence Elks - Beer PressureC2312-63-35-4668000N/A00130.606
11Claddagh Pub UnluckyB-2311-74-24-5989001N/A1100480.576
11Keltic Club MisfitsC139-94-26-31126000N/A120060.576
13Rolf's Capital PunishmentC138-105-15-4992000N/A0000.545
13Hayes Tavern H-menC1311-72-45-4986000N/A11012340.545
13Claddagh Pub MisfitsB-2312-63-33-6641000N/A00100.545
16Amer Legion Lucky DonkeysC2311-73-33-6669000N/A0060.515
16KofC Methuen Cowboys From HellB-238-103-36-31243000N/A1020250.515
16Bavarian Club UpsettersB-2310-82-45-41860100121580320.515
19Sargent Club Honey BadgersB139-94-23-6463000N/A00290.485
20Bavarian Club Beer MonkeysA38-103-34-51014000N/A1200190.455
20British Club RavensB-238-104-23-61872100N/A1200380.455
22Combination Club CombinationC236-123-35-4549000N/A0060.424
22Claddagh Pub Bulls DeepB136-123-35-4947000N/A0117190.424
22Rocky Club Armed&HammeredC139-93-32-71174000N/A1000110.424
22VFW Methuen A/C Wire ThrashersB127-52-25-11171001N/A00280.636
26American Legion 3rd DartB-238-102-43-61030000N/A106060.394
26Jt's Sports Bar Joe Cha'sC139-91-53-6579000N/A120101130.394
28J Brian's Sunshine's HitmenA37-112-43-61463000N/A0060.364
29Bavarian Club GrindersA37-111-53-6993000N/A00100.333
29Rocky Club - FossilsB126-62-23-3948000N/A1200190.500
29Relief's In Fuzzy NavelsB136-122-43-6512000N/A00240.333
29American Legion 420 Freedom RunnersC235-133-33-6404000N/A104000.333
29Rocky Club - FTNB-234-141-56-3979000N/A00440.333
34British Club RenegadesC135-130-65-4567000N/A120040.303
34Portuguese American Club Wreckin CrewC234-142-44-5853000N/A0070.303
34British Club GladiatorsA34-144-22-71287001N/A00220.303
37Portuguese American Club StingersB126-61-32-4217000N/A00130.409
38British Club DartaholicsA34-141-53-6999100111120120.242
38American Legion 4 F'SC234-142-42-7247000N/A0000.242

WP - Weeks Played
301 - Singles 301
601 - 601
TCRKT - Team Cricket
PPW - Points per Week
AS - Total All Stars Hit
TON - Ton's
180 - 180
RO-6C - RO 6 - Cork
RO-9 - RO-9
LDG - Low Dart Game
H-In - High In
H-Out - High Out
RO's - RO's
PTS - Points
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