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Team W6W5W4W3W2 Win-Loss WLT TCRKT301501 Last 5 Average Points
British Club Dartaholics7-2 3-67-25-427-184-1-08-213-126-4WLWWW.60027
Hayes Tavern High Life6-35-4 5-44-526-194-1-03-717-86-4WWWLW.57826
J Brian's Hitmen3-66-36-3 5-423-223-2-05-514-114-6LWWWL.51123
British Club Gladiators 4-58-12-74-518-181-3-05-39-114-4LWLL.50018
British Club Bad Intentions2-73-61-84-5 14-310-5-03-77-184-6LLLLL.31114


 Player of The Week - A1 Division
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 Player of The Week - A2 Division
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 Week 7 All Stars
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