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Team W9W7W6W5W4 Win-Loss WLT 601TCRKT301 Last 5 Average Points
K of C Methuen Dangerous By Design8-39-27-4 8-351-266-1-09-516-526-16WWWWW.66251
Hayes Tavern High Life7-4 7-46-56-549-287-0-08-617-424-18WWWWW.63649
Gateway Tons For Tom3-88-3 5-65-640-373-4-07-710-1123-19LWLLW.51940
J Brians Bullet Club 2.02-93-84-77-4 36-413-4-08-67-1421-21LLLWL.46836
British Club Dartaholics9-22-96-55-66-533-443-4-06-89-1218-24WLWLW.42933
Bavarian Beer Monkeys 6-54-76-55-629-372-4-05-77-1117-19WLWLL.43929
British Club Gladiators4-75-65-64-73-826-510-7-05-96-1515-27LLLLL.33826


 Player of The Week - A1 Division
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 Player of The Week - A2 Division
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 Week 9 All Stars
3 All Stars
Player Team Division All Star Score
Tony BenjaminHayes Tavern High LifeATon's260
   Low Dart Game9
   High In160
Lance EnaireK of C Methuen Dangerous By DesignATon's148
   High In148
2 All Stars
Player Team Division All Star Score
Blaine DoyleHayes Tavern High LifeATon's270
Bob FrazierBritish Club DartaholicsATon's112
   High In112
Brett HamelK of C Methuen Dangerous By DesignATon's320
Paul LavioletteHayes Tavern High LifeATon's526
   High In105
Russ MitchellBritish Club DartaholicsATon's132
Dave TimpeGateway Tons For TomATon's140
Matt WaningBritish Club DartaholicsATon's267
   High Out133
1 All Star
Player Team Division All Star Score
Spencer AleciHayes Tavern High LifeATon's100
Luis BermudezHayes Tavern High LifeATon's118
Jake BrouillardGateway Tons For TomATon's400
Bill CondorelliJ Brians Bullet Club 2.0ATon's100
Jackson FernandesBritish Club DartaholicsATon's217
Andrew GiardGateway Tons For TomATon's225
Terry GodsoeHayes Tavern High LifeARO's6
Jeremy JungetJ Brians Bullet Club 2.0ARO's7
Mark MarantoK of C Methuen Dangerous By DesignARO's7
Cody McAllisterJ Brians Bullet Club 2.0ATon's200
Tim SampsonK of C Methuen Dangerous By DesignATon's359
Dan SierraBritish Club DartaholicsARO's6
Mark StrasselJ Brians Bullet Club 2.0ATon's126