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Team W3W2W1 Win-Loss WLT 601TCRKT301 Last 5 Average Points
British Club Pep Boys11-08-37-426-73-0-03-37-216-2WWW.78826
J Brians Outlaws7-49-210-126-73-0-05-17-214-4WWW.78826
Lawrence Elks - Beer Pressure7-46-57-420-133-0-03-35-412-6WWW.60620
Amer Legion Lucky Donkeys3-88-36-517-162-1-03-33-611-7LWW.51517
Combination Club Combination8-32-94-714-191-2-03-35-46-12WLL.42414
American Legion 420 Freedom Runners4-73-84-711-220-3-03-33-65-13LLL.33311
Portuguese American Club Wreckin Crew0-115-65-610-230-3-02-44-54-14LLL.30310
American Legion 4 F'S4-73-81-108-250-3-02-42-74-14LLL.2428


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