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Team W8W7W6W5W4 Win-Loss WLT 601TCRKT301 Last 5 Average Points
J Brians Attitudes6-59-26-56-58-360-288-0-010-619-531-17WWWWW.68260
Arlington Club 4F's8-36-56-55-67-458-307-1-012-415-931-17WWWLW.65958
Rocky Club Armed&Hammered5-66-55-67-48-348-405-3-08-813-1127-21LWLWW.54548
Portuguese American Club Wreckin Crew6-54-77-44-74-741-473-5-07-911-1323-25WLWLL.46641
Amer Legion - Mindgames5-65-66-57-43-841-473-5-09-710-1422-26LLWWL.46641
Keltic Club - 2X and a Misfit5-65-64-710-15-641-472-6-07-913-1121-27LLLWL.46641
VFW Methuen Stingers6-57-45-64-76-538-503-5-08-811-1319-29WWLLW.43238
Amer Legion Lucky Donkeys3-82-95-61-103-825-631-7-03-134-2018-30LLLLL.28425


 Player of The Week - A1 Division
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 Player of The Week - A2 Division
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 Week 9 All Stars
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