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Pos Name Team Name WP 601TCRKT301 PPW AS 180H-InH-OutLDGRO-9RO-6CRO'sTON AVG PTS
1Andrew GiardGateway Tons For Tom11-01-01-05.51000N/A0004921.0005.5
1Paul LavioletteHayes Tavern High Life11-01-01-05.51000N/A0002401.0005.5
1Spencer AleciHayes Tavern High Life11-01-01-05.52000N/A00122151.0005.5
4Jake BrouillardGateway Tons For Tom10-11-01-04.51000N/A0002000.6674.5
4Cody McAllisterJ Brians Bullet Club 2.010-11-01-04.50000N/A00000.6674.5
4Mark McLaughlinK of C Methuen Dangerous By Design10-01-01-04.50000N/A00001.0004.5
4Justin HoodJ Brians Bullet Club 2.010-11-01-04.5300112N/A0074120.6674.5
4Dave TimpeGateway Tons For Tom10-01-01-04.51000N/A0002001.0004.5
9Ryan LongdinHayes Tavern High Life11-00-11-041000N/A00700.6674
9Tony BenjaminHayes Tavern High Life11-00-11-043000140063610.6674
9Brian BerndtsonBritish Club Gladiators11-00-11-040000N/A00000.6674
9Elbi Alba Sr.British Club Gladiators11-00-11-042000N/A0061340.6674
9Steve JudkinsBavarian Beer Monkeys11-00-11-040000N/A00000.6674
9Tim McDonoughJ Brians Bullet Club 2.011-00-11-04201010N/A0004410.6674
9John HoodJ Brians Bullet Club 2.011-00-01-041000N/A0001401.0004
16Chris VasapolliJ Brians Bullet Club 2.010-10-01-030000N/A00000.5003
16Donna LemieuxK of C Methuen Dangerous By Design10-10-11-03301000N/A0072000.3333
16Alex BardascinoGateway Tons For Tom10-10-01-030000N/A00000.5003
19Nick JohnstoneBavarian Beer Monkeys11-01-00-12.51000N/A0001000.6672.5
19Blaine DoyleHayes Tavern High Life11-01-00-12.52000N/A00141000.6672.5
19Ryan TrulliGateway Tons For Tom11-01-00-12.51000N/A0002000.6672.5
19Jeremy JungetJ Brians Bullet Club 2.011-01-00-02.51000N/A001401.0002.5
19Kevin PoliquinBavarian Beer Monkeys11-01-00-12.51000N/A0001000.6672.5
19Luis BermudezHayes Tavern High Life11-01-00-12.51000N/A0003200.6672.5
25Derek TimpeGateway Tons For Tom10-11-00-11.51000N/A0001010.3331.5
25Mark StrasselJ Brians Bullet Club 2.010-01-00-01.51000N/A00401.0001.5
25Dick CheneyGateway Tons For Tom10-01-00-01.50000N/A00001.0001.5
25Brett HamelK of C Methuen Dangerous By Design10-11-00-11.51000N/A001200.3331.5
29Christian SapienzaGateway Tons For Tom11-00-00-010000N/A00001.0001
29Kurt LambroukosBritish Club Gladiators11-00-10-111000N/A0001000.3331
31Elbi Alba Jr.British Club Gladiators10-10-10-100000N/A0000000000
31Tim SampsonK of C Methuen Dangerous By Design10-10-10-101000N/A0070000000
31Bill CondorelliJ Brians Bullet Club 2.010-00-10-100000N/A0000000000
31Joey CurtinK of C Methuen Dangerous By Design10-10-10-10401200N/A000365000000
31Steve MarchantBavarian Beer Monkeys10-10-10-100000N/A0000000000
31Terry BrooksBritish Club Gladiators10-10-10-101000N/A000336000000
31Mike GradzewiczBavarian Beer Monkeys10-10-10-100000N/A0000000000
31Diane RogersBritish Club Gladiators10-10-10-101000N/A000100000000
31Bill HollandBavarian Beer Monkeys10-10-10-100000N/A0000000000
31Lance EnaireK of C Methuen Dangerous By Design10-10-10-10401400N/A000545000000
31Mark MarantoK of C Methuen Dangerous By Design10-10-00-00301020N/A007102000000

WP - Weeks Played
601 - 601
TCRKT - Team Cricket
301 - Singles 301
PPW - Points per Week
AS - Total All Stars Hit
180 - 180
H-In - High In
H-Out - High Out
LDG - Low Dart Game
RO-9 - RO-9
RO-6C - RO 6 - Cork
RO's - RO's
TON - Ton's
PTS - Points
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