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Pos Name Team Name WP 501TCRKT301 PPW AS TON180RO-6CRO-9LDGH-InH-OutRO's AVG PTS
1Luis BermudezHayes Tavern High Life85-25-39-25.25111387000111200350.73142
1Tony BenjaminHayes Tavern High Life84-44-410-05.2516245800010100110200.69242
3Adrian SantanaJ Brian's Hitmen84-25-38-24.6917183200012141100210.70837.5
4Matt EatonJ Brian's Hitmen86-26-25-34.13102024100N/A00140.70833
4Damon AllenBritish Club Bad Intentions76-14-36-34.716425001N/A00220.69633
6Spencer AleciHayes Tavern High Life87-14-44-53.568949000N/A100000.60028.5
7Russ MitchellBritish Club Dartaholics81-17-15-33.381016060001011210970.72227
8Matt WaningBritish Club Dartaholics73-24-05-23.6471007000N/A0000.75025.5
8Jackson FernandesBritish Club Dartaholics80-27-15-23.194341000N/A0070.70625.5
10John LaudateBritish Club Dartaholics87-15-22-538740100N/A00130.63624
11Larry BachBritish Club Gladiators71-54-25-43.2181468000150060.47622.5
12Dan SierraBritish Club Dartaholics87-13-22-42.6310000N/A0040.63221
12Justin "The Champ" HoodBritish Club Gladiators63-23-34-13.56544000N/A1060130.62521
14Diane RogersBritish Club Gladiators63-31-54-334745000N/A0000.42118
15Bob GagnonBritish Club Bad Intentions64-23-32-52.754737000N/A0000.47416.5
15Terry BrooksBritish Club Gladiators74-33-22-52.364437000N/A0040.47416.5
15Jean RamosHayes Tavern High Life72-43-43-42.364431000N/A0070.40016.5
18Elbi Alba Sr.British Club Gladiators82-52-63-71.88121212000N/A1110180.28015
18Paul CarunchoJ Brian's Hitmen82-40-34-41.88101608000111160110.35315
20Marc PappalardoHayes Tavern High Life32-10-13-045760100120000.71412
21Mike DennisBritish Club Bad Intentions50-50-52-51.23573000N/A0000.1186
21Kyle MeaneyJ Brian's Hitmen71-41-51-40.866526000N/A10010300.1886
21Amanda MitchellBritish Club Dartaholics72-50-01-40.864486000N/A011500.2506
21Erik SavoiaJ Brian's Hitmen61-23-20-313541000N/A0000.3646
25Waffle EdwardsBritish Club Bad Intentions51-30-41-40.91247000N/A0000.1544.5
26Brad VoldemortBritish Club Bad Intentions80-70-71-80.3810000N/A0070.0433
26Kenny DrydenJ Brian's Hitmen40-20-01-30.752206000N/A0000.1673
26Joe LombardoBritish Club Bad Intentions31-21-20-313821000N/A0000.2223
26Cody McAllisterBritish Club Gladiators11-01-00-231100000N/A0000.5003

WP - Weeks Played
501 - 501
TCRKT - Team Cricket
301 - Singles 301
PPW - Points per Week
AS - Total All Stars Hit
TON - Ton's
180 - 180
RO-6C - RO 6 - Cork
RO-9 - RO-9
LDG - Low Dart Game
H-In - High In
H-Out - High Out
RO's - RO's
PTS - Points
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