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 Player Information

Name of Player Current Team Current Division Current Point Total Current Season
Derek Czaban Bavarian Club Grinders B-1 21

 Player Statistics

Category Percentage Overall Team Overall Division Overall League
Weeks Played 7 of 7 (1.000) 1st 1st 1st
Total Points 21 4th 17th 68th
Total Wins 9 of 14 (.643) 4th 22nd 99th
6010 of 0 (.000)8th56th264th
Team Cricket4 of 7 (.571)3rd16th54th
Singles 3015 of 7 (.714)2nd8th20th
Shirt Size XL N/A N/A N/A
Award P N/A N/A N/A

 All Stars Summary

All Stars Type Total Hit Best/Total Score    
High In1101  

 All Stars Details

All Stars Type Total Hit Best/Total Score    
February 20, 2018
February 13, 2018
February 6, 2018
January 23, 2018
January 16, 2018
High In1101  


  Current Streak Best Streak Worst Streak  
All Games1 Win5 Undefeated2 Losses 
Team Cricket2 Losses4 Undefeated2 Losses 
Singles 3012 Wins2 Undefeated1 Loss 

 Match Details & Results

Team Cricket

Date Result Against Player(s) Opposition
February 27, 2018L British Club Sunshines HitmenJames Hadley + Derek Czaban Matt Eaton + James Tetiva
February 20, 2018L@ Portuguese American Club - UpsettersDerek Czaban + James Hadley Steve Sirois + Miguel Camacho
February 13, 2018W@ Relief's In Fuzzy NavelsDerek Czaban + James Hadley Kenneth Covey + Frank Enaire
February 6, 2018W British Club OddballsDerek Czaban + James Hadley Bob Auch + Stacy Newton
January 30, 2018W@ Arlington Club #1Derek Czaban + James Hadley Andy Barthlmes + Bruce Andrew
January 23, 2018W@ Claddagh Pub MisfitsDerek Czaban + James Hadley Paul Geisler + Dave Elias
January 16, 2018L Rolf's - Drunken WolfpackDerek Czaban + Ronnie Beaulieu Dave Harris + Brendan Dufault

Singles 301

Date Result Against Player(s) Opposition
February 27, 2018W British Club Sunshines HitmenDerek CzabanKim Provencal
February 20, 2018W@ Portuguese American Club - UpsettersDerek CzabanMiguel Camacho
February 13, 2018L@ Relief's In Fuzzy NavelsDerek CzabanAnthony D'Amico
February 6, 2018W British Club OddballsDerek CzabanBob Auch
January 30, 2018W@ Arlington Club #1Derek CzabanBruce Andrew
January 23, 2018L@ Claddagh Pub MisfitsDerek CzabanJames Killalea
January 16, 2018W Rolf's - Drunken WolfpackDerek CzabanEric Edwards

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 Team Mates

Team Cricket

Team Mate Winning Percentage Games Played Games Won Games Lost
James Hadley .667 6 4 2
Ronnie Beaulieu 0.000 1 0 1
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