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 Division 7
Team W3W2W1 Win-Loss WLT CRICK5011001601701301S Last 5 AVG PTS
Buffalo Billiards8-58-510-326-133-0-09-04-22-14-22-45-4WWW.66726
Cranky Joe's Heineken Starfish6-79-49-424-152-1-06-35-12-14-23-34-5LWW.61524
Good Dog Bar5-810-34-919-201-2-03-63-31-22-45-15-4LWL.48719
Oxley Post BullsHitters7-65-86-718-211-2-04-53-31-22-44-24-5WLL.46218
Druids Keep I7-63-103-1013-261-2-02-70-62-13-32-44-5WLL.33313
Rockledge Pub6-74-97-617-221-2-03-63-31-23-32-45-4LLW.43612*
* There were penalties or bonuses awarded. Please check the bottom of the page for information.


 Player of the Week
   Division 1
Brian WehrmanO'Neals Pub I
Brent SnyderO'Neals Pub I
   Division 2
Aaron MatzkinCav's RH I-Precious Paulie's Preeminent Libertines
Rob McGinnis2nd Street Shooters I
   Division 3
Keith KellyToll Man Joe's II
Eli LeonardToll Man Joe's II
   Division 4
Greg PeaseO'Neals Space Lord
Steve RowsonJR's Bombers
   Division 5
Mike RobertsCranky Joe's Old School
Scott DutterCavanaugh's Headhouse IV
   Division 6
Jay PursellBrauhaus Schmitz
Vinnie AddiceCavanaugh's Headhouse III
   Division 7
Brian ZieglerOxley Post BullsHitters
Jamie CurryGood Dog Bar
   Division 8
Jarret KovalcikDirty Franks I
Anthony FittipaldiBards I
   Division 9
Pat KreschollekCookies on 3rd
Jerry SywkiwTen Stone II
   Division 10
Casey HareCav's RH V-Purple City Byrd Gang
Pat GibersonCav's RH VI-Ladies of Rittenhouse
   Division 11
Walt WursterToll Man Joe's IV
John ParkinsBlack Sheep Pub II - Tommy Boy
   Division 12
Trey SteketeeBrownie's Pub
Rich CerzosimoCWV Post 652

 Week 3 (Home Team on Left) All Stars
5 All Stars
Player Team Division All Star Score
Brian ZieglerOxley Post BullsHittersDivision 7Outx2
4 All Stars
Player Team Division All Star Score
Jamie CurryGood Dog BarDivision 7HiOffA77
3 All Stars
Player Team Division All Star Score
George ComberBuffalo BilliardsDivision 7Outx3
Mike ComberBuffalo BilliardsDivision 7Outx3
Kevin HanssensOxley Post BullsHittersDivision 7Outx3
Jim WatersCranky Joe's Heineken StarfishDivision 7HiOffA108
2 All Stars
Player Team Division All Star Score
Dan BrettleRockledge PubDivision 7HalfOutx2
Chad DevoneDruids Keep IDivision 7Outx2
Greg DevoneDruids Keep IDivision 7Outx2
Kevin DiGiulioRockledge PubDivision 7HalfOutx2
Andrew FedynyhynCranky Joe's Heineken StarfishDivision 7HalfOutx2
Ryan GibbonsCranky Joe's Heineken StarfishDivision 7Outx1
Chris KlockBuffalo BilliardsDivision 7HalfOutx2
Leo RahillGood Dog BarDivision 7Outx2
1 All Star
Player Team Division All Star Score
Anthony ChapmanRockledge PubDivision 7Outx1
Ryan CollinsRockledge PubDivision 7Outx1
Andrew CooneyCranky Joe's Heineken StarfishDivision 7Outx1
Mike EnglishDruids Keep IDivision 7Outx1
Joe GordonCranky Joe's Heineken StarfishDivision 7Outx1
Sue HagnerOxley Post BullsHittersDivision 7Outx1
Tom KennedyRockledge PubDivision 7Outx1
Ken LubiskiBuffalo BilliardsDivision 7Outx1
Brian McGroryRockledge PubDivision 7Outx1
Jeff McHughDruids Keep IDivision 7Outx1
Kurt OehlbergBuffalo BilliardsDivision 7HiOnA112
Tuval ShlomoDruids Keep IDivision 7Outx1
Greg WilliamsGood Dog BarDivision 7Outx1

Division Team Penalty Date Deduction Reason
Division 11Cavanaugh's Headhouse V2019-02-085Did not pay balance of player's fees by the deadline.
Division 9Cookies on 3rd2019-02-085Did not pay balance of player's fees by the deadline.
Division 7Rockledge Pub2019-02-085Did not pay balance of player's fees by the deadline.
Division 11Toll Man Joe's IV2019-02-085Did not pay balance of player's fees by the deadline.