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 Division 7
Team W10W9W8W7W6 Win-Loss WLT 701601301SCRICK1001501 Last 5 AVG PTS
Saturnalian NYA I7-68-510-36-77-675-558-2-011-912-815-1514-168-215-5WWWLW.57775
Garage Fishtown7-65-83-107-69-469-616-4-010-1010-1017-1318-125-59-11WLLWW.53169
Rockledge Pub6-77-63-106-77-666-645-5-07-137-1316-1417-135-514-6LWLLW.50866
Cranky Joe's Heineken Starfish7-69-410-38-56-765-654-6-010-1013-715-1516-144-67-13WWWWL.50065
Bards I6-76-78-55-84-959-714-6-011-911-917-1312-185-53-17LLWLL.45459
Black Sheep Pub I6-74-95-87-66-756-743-7-011-97-1310-2013-173-712-8LLLWL.43156
* There were penalties or bonuses awarded. Please check the bottom of the page for information.


 Player of the Week
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 Week 10 (Home Team on Left) All Stars
5 All Stars
Player Team Division All Star Score
Kevin DiGiulioRockledge PubDivision 7HiOffA91
3 All Stars
Player Team Division All Star Score
Tony AbranteSaturnalian NYA IDivision 7Outx1
Andrew FedynyhynCranky Joe's Heineken StarfishDivision 7Outx2
Anthony FittipaldiBards IDivision 7Outx2
Connor FlynnBlack Sheep Pub IDivision 7HiOnA100
Matt GaynorRockledge PubDivision 7Outx1
Regan PaparielloBlack Sheep Pub IDivision 7Outx3
Dominic SchusterGarage FishtownDivision 7Outx3
Jason SolinskiGarage FishtownDivision 7Outx1
Ed WhalinSaturnalian NYA IDivision 7Outx1
2 All Stars
Player Team Division All Star Score
Joe GordonCranky Joe's Heineken StarfishDivision 7Outx2
Kevin NewbyGarage FishtownDivision 7Outx2
1 All Star
Player Team Division All Star Score
Fran CarusoSaturnalian NYA IDivision 7Outx1
Ryan CollinsRockledge PubDivision 7Outx1
Andrew CooneyCranky Joe's Heineken StarfishDivision 7Outx1
Mark DoughtyGarage FishtownDivision 7LegOutx1
Ed DrumstasSaturnalian NYA IDivision 7Outx1
Ryan FloodBards IDivision 7Outx1
Gregg FrancisBards IDivision 7Outx1
Ryan GibbonsCranky Joe's Heineken StarfishDivision 7Outx1
Ralph KaneBlack Sheep Pub IDivision 7Outx1
John KennedySaturnalian NYA IDivision 7Outx1
Bill McJamesBards IDivision 7Outx1
Paul OnslagerBards IDivision 7Outx1
Jim WatersCranky Joe's Heineken StarfishDivision 7LegOutx1
Jim Waters Jr.Cranky Joe's Heineken StarfishDivision 7Outx1
Chris YoungBlack Sheep Pub IDivision 7Outx1

Division Team Penalty Date Deduction Reason
Division 11 MaroonCavanaugh's Headhouse V2018-11-015Did not pay balance of player's fees by the GMM.
Division 11 GoldRogues II - Lyn Goes Rogue2018-11-015Did not pay balance of player's fees by the GMM.
Division Team Bonus Date Bonus Reason
Division 9Cav's RH IV-Bonnie's Bag of Dicks2018-12-050.1Wins Tie Breaker HtH over Darkside 16-10
Division 3O'Neals Space Lord2018-12-050.1Wins Tie breaker 701 record over OJung's 5-5 vs 3-7