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 Div A
Team w27w26w25w24w23 Win-Loss WLT DCS501D601 Last 5 Average Points
Don't care (Dave Evely)9-310-16-6†5-79-3227-8919-1-550-1690-4152-14WWTLW.718227*
The Newfoundlanders9-310-23-97-56-6†169-14611-9-535-3472-6534-35WWLWT.537169*
Silver Bullets (Moose)3-92-106-6†5-76-6†160-1558-10-735-3160-7131-35LLTLT.508160*
Birchmount Pub bo8-410-29-311-13-9159-15211-13-133-4269-7944-31WWWWL.511159*
Birchmount Pub 4-82-106-6†7-54-4139-1715-12-826-3656-6819-43LLTWT.448139*
Branch 73 Mike Kennedy3-91-106-6†1-114-4126-1804-13-821-4150-7320-42LLTLT.412126*
* There were penalties or bonuses awarded. Please check the bottom of the page for information.
† in the weekly scores denotes the match score has been entered but the game details have not.


 Playoff week 2 Results
 Playoff week 2 All Stars
There were no all stars found for this week

Division Team Bonus Date Bonus Reason
Div ABirchmount Pub 2018-01-234Singles
Div ABirchmount Pub bo2018-01-231Singles
Div ABranch 73 Mike Kennedy2018-01-233Singles
Div ADon't care (Dave Evely)2018-01-235Singles
Div ASilver Bullets (Moose)2018-01-235Singles
Div AThe Newfoundlanders2018-01-234Singles
Div ABirchmount Pub 2018-01-166Doubles
Div ABirchmount Pub bo2018-01-166Doubles
Div ABranch 73 Mike Kennedy2018-01-163Doubles
Div ADon't care (Dave Evely)2018-01-166Doubles
Div ASilver Bullets (Moose)2018-01-165Doubles
Div AThe Newfoundlanders2018-01-166Doubles
Div ABirchmount Pub 2018-01-111Captains meeting
Div ABirchmount Pub bo2018-01-111Captains meeting
Div ABranch 73 Mike Kennedy2018-01-111Captains meeting
Div ADon't care (Dave Evely)2018-01-111Captains meeting
Div ASilver Bullets (Moose)2018-01-111Captains meeting
Div AThe Newfoundlanders2018-01-111Captains meeting
Div ABirchmount Pub 2017-11-161Captains meeting
Div ABirchmount Pub bo2017-11-161Captains meeting
Div ADon't care (Dave Evely)2017-11-161Captains meeting
Div ASilver Bullets (Moose)2017-11-161Captains Meeting
Div AThe Newfoundlanders2017-11-161Captains Meeting
Div ABirchmount Pub 2017-10-051Captains meeting
Div ABirchmount Pub bo2017-10-051Captains meeting
Div ABranch 73 Mike Kennedy2017-10-051Captains meeting
Div ADon't care (Dave Evely)2017-10-051Captains meeting
Div ASilver Bullets (Moose)2017-10-051Captains Meeting
Div AThe Newfoundlanders2017-10-051Captains Meeting
Div ABirchmount Pub 2017-08-291General Meeting
Div ABirchmount Pub bo2017-08-293General Meeting
Div ABranch 73 Mike Kennedy2017-08-293General Meeting
Div ADon't care (Dave Evely)2017-08-293General Meeting
Div ASilver Bullets (Moose)2017-08-293General Meeting
Div AThe Newfoundlanders2017-08-293General Meeting