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Division Team Win-Loss D501DCTSSCTMSC2DblSpDMinnDMnMx AVG PTS
Monday B2Low Expectations (Lindenwood Pub)50-45-16-00-012-00-010-25-16-00-0.92650
Thursday B2Show Me Your Tips (St. Charles Music House)50-169-38-43-318-66-00-00-00-00-0.75850
Thursday B1Blue Bomb (Classics II)45-108-210-03-216-44-10-00-00-00-0.81845
Thursday B2Double Trouble (Funke's)36-306-68-43-313-113-30-00-00-00-0.54536
Thursday B1The Nights Watch (Nightshift B & G)36-305-76-64-211-135-10-00-00-00-0.54536
Thursday B1We've Got Issues (Lone Wolf Saloon)34-327-56-64-211-133-30-00-00-00-0.51534
Monday A1Shots R Us (South 94 Bistro)34-206-04-20-07-50-04-85-14-20-0.63034
Thursday B2Over The Line (LuLu's B & G)33-334-88-46-011-132-40-00-00-00-0.50033
Monday A1Projectile Dysfunction (Millwoods Sports B & G)33-213-34-20-08-40-07-53-34-20-0.61133
Wednesday MixedFire & Ice (South 94 Bistro)33-94-25-10-08-40-010-20-00-06-0.78633
Thursday B1Whose Wood? (Millwoods Sports B & G)31-243-76-42-314-63-20-00-00-00-0.56431
Thursday B1Bush League (LuLu's B & G)30-3610-26-63-37-172-40-00-00-00-0.45530
Monday A13 Darts Down (LuLu's B & G)26-282-42-40-06-60-07-53-33-30-0.48126
Wednesday MixedD & D (Shirley's B & G)23-195-12-40-07-50-07-50-00-02-4.54823
Monday B2Limp Tips (HotshotS - St. Charles)23-221-43-20-05-50-06-42-33-20-0.51123
Wednesday MixedCalifornia Dreamin (Funke's)21-213-32-40-07-50-06-60-00-03-3.50021
Monday B2Bulls On Parade (South 94 Bistro)20-253-22-30-02-80-06-43-22-30-0.44420
Wednesday MixedLuLu's B & G; Jones17-251-54-20-04-80-05-70-00-03-3.40517
Monday A1Our Own Private Idaho (Lindenwood Pub)15-391-52-40-03-90-06-61-51-50-0.27815
Wednesday MixedSharon N Dave (Shirley's B & G)14-213-21-40-04-60-04-60-00-02-3.40014
Thursday B2Cool Pop Bananas! (Classics II)13-535-70-120-66-181-50-00-00-00-0.19713
Wednesday MixedB.L.A.S.T (HotshotS - St. Charles)11-241-43-20-04-60-02-80-00-01-4.31411
Thursday B11/2 & 1/2 (Funke's)11-551-110-121-59-150-60-00-00-00-0.16711
Monday B2Twice On Monday (Funke's)6-482-40-60-03-90-00-121-50-60-0.1116

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