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Division Team Win-Loss PTS W11W10W10W10W9 WLT Last 5 AVG
Thursday A1AARP (Shirley's B & G)93-3793 11-2  7-69-1-0WWWWW.715
Thursday B2Funke's Bunch89-2189 8-3  7-410-0-0WWWWW.809
Thursday A1WTF86-4486 11-2  6-78-2-0WLWWL.662
Thursday A1Dry Cleaners 81-4781* 11-2  6-76-4-0WLWLW.633
MondayTOG80-19805-4  8-1 10-1-0WWLWW.808
Thursday B1 RedWrecking Crew (Hot Shots St Charels)78-3078* 9-2  10-110-0-0WWWWW.722
Thursday B1 BlueWe've Got Issues64-4464* 7-4  6-58-2-0WWWWL.593
Thursday B2The Local63-4763 8-3  4-76-4-0WLWWW.573
Thursday A1Frozen Aquarium (Lindenwood Pub)61-6961 2-11  7-64-6-0LWLLW.469
MondayI'll take a mulligan59-40599-0  5-4 8-3-0WWWWW.596
Thursday B2Black Flights (Hotshots - STC)59-5159 4-7  10-15-5-0LWLWW.536
Thursday B1 RedOver The Line58-5258 8-3  1-107-3-0WLWLW.527
Monday8 Miles Higher56-43564-5  4-5 4-7-0LLWLL.566
Thursday B1 RedBleachers; Kremer56-5456 2-9  8-35-5-0LWLWW.509
Thursday B1 BlueNo Bull (South 94 Bistro)55-5555 5-6  9-25-5-0LWLLW.500
Thursday B2Joes Misfits54-5454* 8-3  8-35-5-0WWLLL.500
Thursday B1 BlueHoly 1253-5753 4-7  2-93-7-0LLWLL.482
Thursday B2Show Me Your Tips (St. Charles Music House)51-5951 7-4  3-85-5-0WLLWL.464
Thursday B1 RedXtra Large for Length (South 94 Bistro)47-6147* 3-8  5-62-8-0LLLLL.435
Thursday B2Off In A Circle47-5547* 3-8  9-25-5-0LWWLW.461
Thursday B2Classics II; Howarth46-6446 3-8  2-94-6-0LLWLL.418
Thursday B1 BlueDarts?46-6446 6-5  5-64-6-0WLLWW.418
Thursday B1 RedCamarillio Brillo45-6545 4-7  6-53-7-0LWLWL.409
Ladies SinglesHemsath40-1040  5-0  9-1-0WWWWW.800
Thursday A1Hold My Beer & Watch This (HotshotS - STC)39-9139 2-11  8-52-8-0LWLWL.300
Ladies SinglesArand38-1238  5-0  8-2-0WWWWL.760
Thursday B1 RedWho Darted (Millwoods Sports B & G)34-6834* 7-4  3-83-7-0WLWLL.333
Thursday A1The Bench Warmers28-10228 2-11  5-81-9-0LLLLL.215
Ladies SinglesMaxwell26-2426  0-5  5-5-0LLWLW.520
Ladies SinglesMcCarthy22-2822  0-5  4-6-0LLLWW.440
Ladies SinglesWalters14-3114     2-7-0LLLLW.311
Thursday B2We're Sexy and We Throw It (Hotshots - STC)13-8913* 3-8  1-100-10-0LLLLL.127
Ladies SinglesHollrah5-405     1-8-0WLLLL.111
MondayLindenwood Pub3-9630-9  1-8 0-11-0LLLLL.030
* There were penalties or bonuses awarded. Please check the bottom of the page for information.

 Week 14 Results
Lindenwood Pub @I'll take a mulligan 
TOG @8 Miles Higher 

 Week 14 All Stars
There were no all stars found for this week