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Division Team W4W4W4W4W3 Win-Loss WLT D501DCTSSCTM Last 5 AVG PTS
Tuesday OpenBull's Deep (HotshotS - St. Charles)  3-8‡  27-63-0-04-24-22-111-13-0LWWW.81827
Tuesday OpenJV Squad (Funke's)  11-0‡  16-171-2-03-33-31-25-72-1WWLL.48516
Tuesday OpenFunke's Bunch (Funke's)  8-3‡  15-122-1-04-25-13-07-51-2WLWW.55615*
Tuesday OpenBullshot (Funke's)  0-11‡  2-310-3-01-50-60-31-110-3LLLL.0612
* There were penalties or bonuses awarded. Please check the bottom of the page for information.
‡ in the weekly scores means the result has been entered but may not yet be included in the points until the stats are re-calculated.

 Week 4 All Stars
There were no all stars found for this week

Division Team Penalty Date Deduction Reason
Tuesday OpenFunke's Bunch (Funke's)2017-05-0665/2/2017 results reported late
Thursday Open RedWicked Fallout (Playoffs)2017-05-022Missed 5/1/2017 Captains' meeting