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 Player Information

Name of Player Current Team Current Division Current Point Total Current Season
Bruce Gunn Joe's Misfits (St. Charles Music House) Thursday B3 0.25

 Player Statistics

Category Percentage Overall Team Overall Division Overall League
Weeks Played 1 of 1 (1.000) 1st 1st 16th
Total Points 0.25 6th 18th 135th
Total Wins 1 of 2 (.500) 6th 12th 104th
Ranking None (Not Qualified) 6th 16th 120th
Doubles 5010 of 0 (.000)5th9th68th
Doubles Cricket0 of 0 (.000)5th9th69th
Team Spanish (Call)1 of 1 (1.000)1st1st1st
Singles Chi0 of 1 (0.000)3rd9th71st
Team Classic Minnesota0 of 0 (.000)1st1st37th
Singles Chi20 of 0 (.000)1st1st7th
Doubles Spanish0 of 0 (.000)1st1st24th
Team 10010 of 0 (.000)1st1st21st
Doubles Classic Minnesota0 of 0 (.000)1st1st5th
Team Minnesota A0 of 0 (.000)1st1st19th
Team Minnesota (Slop)0 of 0 (.000)5th9th9th
Doubles Classic Minnesota MX0 of 0 (.000)1st1st3rd

 All Star Summary

All Star Type Total Hit Best/Total Score    
There have been no all stars recorded for this player.


  Current Streak Best Streak Worst Streak  
All Games1 Loss1 Win1 Loss 
Doubles 501N/AN/AN/A 
Doubles CricketN/AN/AN/A 
Team Spanish (Call)1 Win1 WinN/A 
Singles Chi1 LossN/A1 Loss 
Team Classic MinnesotaN/AN/AN/A 
Singles Chi2N/AN/AN/A 
Doubles SpanishN/AN/AN/A 
Team 1001N/AN/AN/A 
Doubles Classic MinnesotaN/AN/AN/A 
Team Minnesota AN/AN/AN/A 
Team Minnesota (Slop)N/AN/AN/A 
Doubles Classic Minnesota MXN/AN/AN/A 

 Match Details & Results

Team Spanish (Call)

Date Result Against Player(s) Opposition
January 11, 2018W Classics II; HowarthCharles Martin + Bruce Gunn + Mike Stonecipher + David Van Mill Bob Joseph + Tom Ellersieck + Rick Howarth

Singles Chi

Date Result Against Player(s) Opposition
January 11, 2018L Classics II; HowarthBruce GunnBob Joseph

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 Team Mates

Team Spanish (Call)

Team Mate Winning Percentage Games Played Games Won Games Lost
David Van Mill + Mike Stonecipher + Charles Martin 1.000 1 1 0
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