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Toronto Player's Dart League - News

Playoff Format

The 2017 Playoff season is underway!

By majority vote of captains, we are structuring playoffs a little different this year.

In previous years our top 4 teams were solidly ahead of other teams in the league, making it easy to separate them.

This year there is no clear and obvious distinction.

Week 1 will be a one of, first to 11 matches seeding week.

Winners will move on to play for the Div `1 trophy, while teams who lose will play for Div 2.

Div 3 will be Smokin' Sons vs. Silencer's Choice

Good luck to all, and enjoy playing!

Added on: Monday, March 20, 2017

2016-2017 Season

Welcome back to the Toronto Players' Dart League.

This year we will again have 10 teams as a couple of long-time teams have disbanded, and 2 new teams have joined us.

The Heartbreakers and Screaming Eagles have dropped out, while The Dartsmen and Silencer's Choice have replaced them.

The Dartsmen will be captained by Kevin Pridmore and play at the Wicket at Keele and Bloor while Silencer's Choice will have Dave Fox-Sproull at the helm out of the Eagles Club.

We have a couple rule changes to mention:

1. Diddle

Home team diddles FIRST all Matches. Winner starts 1st leg, loser 2nd, diddle for 3rd leg if required.

So no matter what, home teams will start the diddling for all matches. If there is a tie after home and away team have shot, home will again shoot first to decide the tie. (i.e. green bulls).

2. All Stars

All Stars. 130+ has now been added as All Stars. This will motivate and encourage newer players.

So welcome all back and we look forward to another of great darts..

Added on: Monday, October 3, 2016

Direct Link

From now on you can use the following to go directly to our league webpage:

Added on: Saturday, October 1, 2016

New Scoresheets

We have updated our scoresheets to reflect the 20 games we are now playing. You can find the printable version in the download section below.

Added on: Thursday, October 10, 2013