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Team W25W24W23W22W21 Win-Loss WLT DCktS 501D 601 Last 5 AVG PTS MP
Celtic Club - Sean14-212-4 8-813-3225-11116-3-265-19102-6658-26WWTWW.67022534
Maguires - Paul10-614-27-98-814-2218-13315-5-258-30104-7156-32WWLTW.62121832
Maguires - Kim13-3 9-710-613-3211-12514-5-254-30105-6352-32WWWWL.62821130
Celtic Club - Krista 2-1411-56-103-13185-15012-9-046-3889-7850-34LWLLW.55218524
Flowertown - Jamie6-1014-15-119-73-13168-1807-15-044-4487-8537-51LWLWL.48316814
Frigate - Kellie3-134-1212-47-9 140-2107-13-227-6177-9736-52LLWLT.40014016
Keltic Rock - Cecilia2-141-144-12 2-1447-2850-21-06-7830-13411-73LLLLL.142470


 Week 28 All Stars
There were no all stars found for this week