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Team W21W20W19W18W17 Win-Loss WLT D 601DCktS 501 Last 5 AVG PTS MP
Maguires - Mike12-413-313-37-913-3215-12117-3-152-3255-29108-60WWWLW.64021535
R.C.L. Br 609 - Kimberley9-710-613-39-73-13186-15013-6-244-4053-3189-79WWWWL.55418628
R.C.L. Br 609 - Archie7-93-133-135-119-7155-1817-10-442-4235-4978-90LLLLW.46115518
Keltic Rock - Denise4-126-103-1311-57-9116-2201-19-130-5425-5961-107LLLWL.345115*3
* There were penalties or bonuses awarded. Please check the bottom of the page for information.


 Week 21 All Stars
3 All Stars
Player Team Division All Star Score
Keith ParkesKeltic Rock - DeniseC1-High Scoresx2
   2-Cricket - 7C / 8Cx1
2 All Stars
Player Team Division All Star Score
Archie PrevostR.C.L. Br 609 - ArchieC1-High Scoresx2
1 All Star
Player Team Division All Star Score
Danny FraserR.C.L. Br 609 - KimberleyC1-High Scoresx1
Carol GisondiR.C.L. Br 609 - KimberleyC1-High Scoresx1
Paddy LinehanMaguires - MikeC1-High Scoresx1
Dwayne MercerMaguires - MikeC2-Cricket - 7C / 8Cx1
Colin ParkesKeltic Rock - DeniseC1-High Scoresx1
Lorna PayneR.C.L. Br 609 - KimberleyC1-High Scoresx1

Division Team Penalty Date Deduction Reason
BMaguires - James2024-02-161Late Scoresheet Submission
BMaguires - James2024-02-091Late Scoresheet Submission
BMaguires - James2024-02-021Late Scoresheet Submission
BMaguires - James2024-01-191Late Scoresheet Submission
AACrown & Anchor - Max2024-01-171Missed Captains Meeting
BFlowertown - Jamie2024-01-171Missed Captains Meeting
AAIvy Bridge - Jack2024-01-171Missed Captains Meeting
BMaguires - James2024-01-171Missed Captains Meeting
BMaguires - James2023-12-221Late Scoresheet Submission
BFlowertown - Jamie2023-12-081Late Scoresheet Submission
AMagnums - Marc2023-12-081Late Scoresheet Submission
BMaguires - James2023-12-081Late Scoresheet Submission
CKeltic Rock - Denise2023-11-241Late Scoresheet Submission
BMaguires - James2023-11-241Late Scoresheet Submission
BMaguires - James2023-11-171Late Scoresheet Submission
AOscars - Sean2023-11-171Late Scoresheet Submission
AOscars - Sean2023-10-201Late Scoresheet Submission
AOscars - Sean2023-10-061Late Scoresheet Submission
AOscars - Garry2023-09-221Late Scoresheet Submission