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Team W18W17W16W15W14 Win-Loss WLT D 601DCktS 501 Last 5 AVG PTS MP
Maguires - Bob9-611-58-811-514-2183-10312-3-345-2749-2389-53WWTWW.64018327
Oscars - Greg9-75-119-716-06-10166-1229-6-341-3145-2780-64WLWWL.57616621
Maguires - Mike13-35-117-95-117-9160-1278-6-444-2844-2872-71WLLLL.55716020
R.C.L. Br 609 - Kimberley7-916-08-812-49-7156-1319-7-240-3239-3377-66LWTWW.54415620
Keltic Rock - Denise6-911-512-44-1210-6151-1368-6-437-3536-3678-65LWWLW.52615120
Keltic Rock - Cecilia3-130-164-120-162-1445-2420-18-09-633-6933-110LLLLL.157450


 Week 18 All Stars
1 All Star
Player Team Division All Star Score
Jimmy ClarkMaguires - MikeC3-High Finish100
Warren CraigR.C.L. Br 609 - KimberleyC1-High Scoresx1
Brian DavidsonOscars - GregC1-High Scoresx1
Bob GardinerMaguires - BobC1-High Scoresx1
Mark GillinghamOscars - GregC2-Cricket - 7C / 8Cx1
Lynne LafondR.C.L. Br 609 - KimberleyC1-High Scoresx1
Dylan LalondeKeltic Rock - CeciliaC1-High Scoresx1
Colin ParkesKeltic Rock - DeniseC1-High Scoresx1
Connor ParkesKeltic Rock - DeniseC1-High Scoresx1
Sonya SoopayaR.C.L. Br 609 - KimberleyC1-High Scoresx1