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Team W15W14W13W12W11 Win-Loss WLT 601ckt301S Last 5 Average Points
Dart Zombies3-84-79-26-55-698-679-6-020-1024-2154-36LLWWL.59498
Headlocks Armed & Hammered8-37-44-79-25-685-809-6-012-1830-1543-47WWLWL.51585
Total Chaos5-63-82-92-94-761-1043-12-010-2018-2733-57LLLLL.37061


 Week 15 All Stars
2 All Stars
Player Team Division All Star Score
Domenico ContiShenanigansBTonsx2
Eric C EldredgeShenanigansBTonsx1
Joey EldredgeDart ZombiesBTonsx2
Tim RutherfordDilligafBHigh In152
1 All Star
Player Team Division All Star Score
Adam DavisHeadlocks Armed & HammeredBHigh In105
Kyle GarrityHeadlocks Armed & HammeredBTonsx1
Dan GrangerDilligafBTonsx1
Aria RobbinsShenanigansBTonsx1
Dan SmithDilligafBCorks4
Mark SullivanHeadlocks Armed & HammeredBTonsx1
John TerrioHeadlocks Armed & HammeredBTonsx1