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Team W15W14W13W12W11 Win-Loss WLT 501DDckt301S Last 5 Average Points
Dart Sharks 6-66-610-28-4102-429-0-323-1330-649-23TTWWW.708102
Warriors7-57-59-3 4-880-648-3-117-1921-1542-30WWWLW.55680
I.A.C5-75-76-66-6 72-725-5-224-1217-1931-41LLTTW.50072
Brew Dawgs5-76-6 6-67-564-803-7-214-2214-2236-36LTTWL.44464
Clubbers7-5 3-92-105-742-1021-11-012-248-2822-50WLLLL.29242

 Week 15 Results
Warriors 7-5Brew DawgsView Result
I.A.C 5-7ClubbersView Result
Dart Sharks had a bye this week.

 Week 15 All Stars
3 All Stars
Player Team Division All Star Score
Calvin Castillias JrWarriorsA-East High In138
2 All Stars
Player Team Division All Star Score
Jonathon FarmerI.A.CA-East Tonsx2
1 All Star
Player Team Division All Star Score
John CahoonWarriorsA-East Tonsx1
Paul CarlsonClubbersA-East Tonsx1
Bruce CookBrew DawgsA-East Tonsx1
Steve DonovanWarriorsA-East Tonsx1
Wayne EdwardsWarriorsA-East Tonsx1
Craig FidlerI.A.CA-East Tonsx1
John HarveyClubbersA-East Tonsx1
Rachel ImrieI.A.CA-East Tonsx1
Tim KelleyBrew DawgsA-East Tonsx1
Paul LanoueI.A.CA-East Tonsx1
Joe LinnellClubbersA-East 180x1
Paul MccluskeyClubbersA-East Tonsx1
Jack O'ConnorClubbersA-East Corks3
Tom PlanteWarriorsA-East Tonsx1
Jodi WhatleyI.A.CA-East High In110