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Team W11W10W9W8W7 Win-Loss WLT ckt301S501DD Last 5 Average Points
Dart Sharks8-4 9-39-312-080-288-0-122-538-1620-7WWWWT.74180
Warriors4-88-45-78-4 57-515-3-114-1331-2312-15LWLWT.52857
I.A.C 8-47-53-98-450-465-3-014-1021-2715-9WWLWW.52150
Brew Dawgs7-54-83-9 4-847-613-6-011-1625-2911-16WLLLW.43547
Clubbers5-74-8 4-80-1230-780-9-05-2217-378-19LLLLL.27830

 Week 11 Results
Clubbers 5-7Brew DawgsView Result
Warriors 4-8Dart SharksView Result
I.A.C had a bye this week.

 Week 11 All Stars
3 All Stars
Player Team Division All Star Score
Bob PercyBrew DawgsA-East High In110
Nick VancisinDart SharksA-East High In106
2 All Stars
Player Team Division All Star Score
Dennis Alker JrDart SharksA-East High In122
   High In120
Paul CarlsonClubbersA-East High In120
   High In112
Chris JonesBrew DawgsA-East Tonsx1
Tom PlanteWarriorsA-East High In108
Jim ReynoldsBrew DawgsA-East Tonsx1
Tom RyanDart SharksA-East High In100
1 All Star
Player Team Division All Star Score
Ryan BookachDart SharksA-East Tonsx1
Christian BurrowsDart SharksA-East Corks3
Calvin Castillias JrWarriorsA-East Tonsx1
Ray CericolaWarriorsA-East Tonsx1
Joe LinnellClubbersA-East Corks3
Gillian RichmondBrew DawgsA-East High In100
Jon SwansonWarriorsA-East Tonsx1