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Pos Name Team Name WP 501D501DDckt601301SSOS501sSOS W/L PPW AS TonsHiNHiNHHOHOHcrksR09180 AVG PTS
1Shawn LangBazinga110-00-05-63-44-70.5730-00.00012-171.363300000000.41415
2Jeff SilvaBazinga110-00-03-55-64-70.4910-00.00012-181.27211100000000.40014
3Luis SmithBazinga120-00-03-94-55-70.6120-00.00012-211.081100000000.36413
3Melissa PavlakasBazinga120-00-05-63-55-70.5660-00.00013-181.080000000000.41913
5Zach MillerBazinga100-00-02-73-61-70.7270-00.0006-2014400000000.23110
5Lori MasonBazinga120-00-01-32-95-60.4820-00.0008-180.832200000000.30810
7Mary StaceyBazinga110-00-04-75-60-20.6500-00.0009-150.820000000000.3759
8Matthew EldredgeBazinga70-00-01-52-40-50.4910-00.0003-140.430000000000.1763

WP - Weeks Played
501D - 501DSI/DO
501DD - 501DDI/DO
ckt - cricket
601 - 601
301S - 301SDI/DO
501s - 501SSI/DO
PPW - Points per Week
AS - Total All Stars Hit
Tons - Tons
HiN - High In
HO - High Out
crks - Corks
R09 - R09
180 - 180
PTS - Points
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