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 B Division
Team W20W20W19W19W18 Win-Loss WLT 501S501DDC Last 5 AVG PTS
Shafters 10-2 9-39-3191-4917-0-389-3154-648-12WWWWW.796191
Joe's Garage 11-1 6-63-9176-6314-2-483-3643-1750-10WTLWW.736176
Bud's Bunch 7-5 6-64-895-1455-10-554-6621-3920-40WTLLT.39695
Darts of Hazard 2-10 7-58-492-1468-10-246-7219-4127-33LWWWL.38792
Bull Shots 1-11 3-97-588-1515-13-247-7218-4223-37LLWLT.36888
Pork Pullers 5-7 5-75-776-1643-17-039-8125-3512-48LLLLL.31776

 C Division
Team W20W20W19W19W18 Win-Loss WLT 501S501DDC Last 5 AVG PTS
Tall Boys & Shots8-4 7-5  150-9016-4-073-4740-2037-23WWWWW.625150
Dartaholics8-4 9-3  143-9715-4-169-5132-2842-18WWWWL.596143
The Spitfires4-8 3-9  125-11512-6-266-5433-2726-34LLWLW.521125
We The Darts4-8 7-5  122-1178-9-360-5935-2527-33LWLWW.510122
Scallywaggers12-0 5-7  93-1472-16-253-6717-4323-37WLLLL.38893
Darts Amore0-12 5-7  86-1531-15-438-8123-3725-35LLLLL.36086


 Week 20 C All Stars
2 All Stars
Player Team Division All Star Score
Eyad Al ShahroorDartaholicsC Division130-168140
Glen AshquabeJoe's GarageB Division130-168140
Ross CooperShaftersB Division7or87
Bob JohnsonDarts of HazardB Division130-168135
1 All Star
Player Team Division All Star Score
Donnie CulbertsonShaftersB Division130-168140
David Fox-SproullShaftersB Division130-168140
Bob FraserJoe's GarageB Division130-168140
Ray GrenkieTall Boys & ShotsC Division7or87
James KocherWe The DartsC Division7or87
Bob RaffertyBud's BunchB Division130-168138
Andy RiederWe The DartsC Division130-168133
Onur TukelDartaholicsC Division7or87
George VautourJoe's GarageB Division130-168133
Graham WadeJoe's GarageB DivisionHF104