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Pos Name Division WP 501S501DDC PPW AS HFHFH130+170+1vs27or89 AVG PTS
1ShaftersB Division2089-3154-648-129.5575412050501600.796191
2Joe's GarageB Division2083-3643-1750-108.854511736301000.736176
3Tall Boys & ShotsC Division2073-4740-2037-237.522001710400.625150
4DartaholicsC Division2069-5132-2842-187.1528002100700.596143
5The SpitfiresC Division2066-5433-2726-346.251000800200.521125
6We The DartsC Division2060-5935-2527-336.11611011100400.510122
7Bud's BunchB Division2054-6621-3920-404.753321042600500.39695
8ScallywaggersC Division2053-6717-4323-374.6513001100200.38893
9Darts of HazardB Division2046-7219-4127-334.634002430520.38792
10Bull ShotsB Division2047-7218-4223-374.427002310210.36888
11Darts AmoreC Division2038-8123-3725-354.3800700100.36086
12Pork PullersB Division2039-8125-3512-483.82131231310400.31776

WP - Weeks Played
501S - 501 Singles
501D - 501 Dbls
DC - Cricket Dbls
PPW - Points per Week
AS - Total All Stars Hit
130+ - 130-168
170+ - 170+
1vs2 - 1vs2
7or8 - 7or8
9 - 9
PTS - Points
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