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Pos Name Division WP 501D501SDC W/L PPW AS HFHFH130+170+1807or89 AVG PTS
1Dart SlingersOpen Division410-220-412-042-610.513001300000.87542
2Same Old Bulls-HitOpen Division511-421-98-740-20821001901100.66740
3RoversOpen Division411-116-810-237-119.25132117503300.77137
4Tall Boys & ShotsOpen Division58-713-179-630-306700500200.50030
5FlyersOpen Division55-1015-156-926-345.2800701000.43326
6Joe's Garage "Lite"Open Division56-912-185-1023-374.61521321100200.38323
7Bud's BunchOpen Division43-910-145-718-304.5800500300.37518
8Shooting StarsOpen Division44-810-143-917-314.25100100000.35417
9Tons of BullOpen Division42-103-212-107-411.75300300000.1467

WP - Weeks Played
501D - 501 Doubles
501S - 501 Singles
DC - Cricket Doubles
PPW - Points per Week
AS - Total All Stars Hit
130+ - 130-167
170+ - 170+
180 - 180
7or8 - 7or8
9 - 9
PTS - Points
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