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 Player Information

Name of Player Current Team Current Division Current Point Total Current Season
Andre Dias Andre Dias 1st Division 0

 Player Statistics

Category Percentage Overall Team Overall Division Overall League
Weeks Played 6 of 6 (1.000) 1st 1st 2nd
Total Points 0 1st 1st 1st
Total Wins 5 of 6 (.833) 1st 1st 1st
Total All Stars 0 1st 1st 1st
Chicago - 1st Division5 of 6 (.833)1st1st1st
Chicago - 2nd Division0 of 0 (.000)1st1st12th

 All Stars Summary

All Stars Type Total Hit Best/Total Score    
There have been no all stars recorded for this player.


  Current Streak Best Streak Worst Streak  
All Games4 Wins4 Wins1 Loss 
Chicago - 1st Division4 Wins4 Wins1 Loss 
Chicago - 2nd DivisionN/AN/AN/A 

 Match Details & Results

Chicago - 1st Division

Date Result Against Player(s) Opposition
August 9, 2022W Steve FarmerAndre DiasSteve Farmer
August 2, 2022W Eoin GallagherAndre DiasEoin Gallagher
July 26, 2022W Jim McMannAndre DiasJim McMann
July 19, 2022W Graham WadeAndre DiasGraham Wade
July 12, 2022L@ Steve JacksonAndre DiasSteve Jackson
June 28, 2022W@ Dan KarkoulasAndre DiasDan Karkoulas

 Historic Match-ups

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Historic Games versus Dan Karkoulas
Summer 2022 Singles
Date Game Result Against Player(s) Opposition
June 28, 2022Chicago - 1st DivisionW@ Dan KarkoulasAndre Dias Dan Karkoulas
Historic Games versus Dan Karkoulas
Date Game Result Against Player(s) Opposition
May 24, 2022Cricket DoublesW@ Dart SlingersGraham Wade + Andre Dias Dan Karkoulas + Femmy Beltran
May 24, 2022501 SinglesL@ Dart SlingersAndre Dias Dan Karkoulas
Head to Head: 2 - 1

 Team Mates

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