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Team Wk 7Wk 6Wk 5Wk 4Wk 3 Win-Loss WLT 601CD301D501PAT Last 5 Average Points
Kill Shot15-212-516-111-614-390-297-0-011-316-531-1115-617-4WWWWW.75690
Oharas Punishers12-513-416-16-1115-287-326-1-09-517-428-1417-416-5WWWLW.73187
Knick Scabs5-1211-61-1610-77-1050-693-4-07-710-1118-249-126-15LWLWL.42050
Nab Licker Pigs10-75-128-97-102-1549-702-5-06-89-1215-2711-108-13WLLLL.41249
Oharas Flight School2-154-139-811-610-749-703-4-06-86-1522-208-137-14LLWWW.41249

Team Wk 7Wk 6Wk 5Wk 4Wk 3 Win-Loss WLT 601CD301D501PAT Last 5 Average Points
RJs Doubling Trouble10-75-1212-56-1112-561-584-3-010-46-1520-2212-913-8WLWLW.51361
Knick Mixups7-106-1111-610-710-756-633-4-08-610-1120-228-1310-11LLWWW.47156
RJs Bassholes Too8-912-51-168-97-1053-662-5-01-1311-1022-2011-108-13LWLLL.44553
Knick Dartaholics9-8 5-127-103-1446-563-3-06-611-716-205-138-10WLLLW.45146
Knick Misfits7-10 6-119-85-1237-651-5-04-86-1212-246-129-9LLWLL.36337

Team Wk 7Wk 6Wk 5Wk 4Wk 3 Win-Loss WLT 601CD301D501PAT Last 5 Average Points
Abrews Degenerates13-414-38-915-214-389-306-1-012-217-427-1514-719-2WWLWW.74889
Catchers Mitt No Names9-811-69-89-812-566-535-2-07-710-1125-1711-1013-8WWWWW.55566
The Boats Sailing Away4-137-1010-79-85-1249-702-5-06-89-1219-239-126-15LLWWL.41249
Bucks Triple Diablo 6-117-102-1512-547-553-3-08-47-1118-186-128-10LLLWW.46147
Firefighters Bent Shafts 10-79-88-93-1445-573-3-03-98-1014-2211-79-9WWLLL.44145
Sports Zone Darty Deeds8-93-148-98-95-1244-751-6-04-109-1217-259-125-16LLLLL.37044

Team Wk 7Wk 6Wk 5Wk 4Wk 3 Win-Loss WLT 601CD301D501PAT Last 5 Average Points
Capt Johns Daht Bags15-215-27-107-315-285-276-1-09-417-230-1011-918-2WWLWW.75985
Knick No Clowns Allowed7-214-310-714-311-685-267-0-07-618-230-914-516-4WWWWW.76685
Sports Zone Krazy Krew6-22-158-99-86-1147-633-4-08-57-1321-186-135-14WLLWL.42747
Jokers Hit That Shit2-710-79-88-92-1546-653-4-04-97-1316-2312-77-13LWWLL.41446
Bucks Fu#k the Wire2-157-109-83-1413-444-752-5-07-78-1314-288-137-14LLWLW.37044
Knick Otones Degenerates2-63-148-93-74-1326-770-7-04-82-167-307-116-12LLLLL.25226


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 Week 7 All Stars
6 All Stars
Player Team Division All Star Score
Jim Kong TompkinsKnick MisfitsA2RO's37
   Low Dart 30112
   Tons Hot Hand550
   Ro's Hot Hand37
   Hat Trickx1
5 All Stars
Player Team Division All Star Score
Adam BellevilleKnick ScabsA1RO's9
   Tons Hot Hand761
   Hat Trickx1
Steve MuiseKill ShotA1High In100
   Low Dart 30111
   Tons Hot Hand665
4 All Stars
Player Team Division All Star Score
Brian CampbellOharas PunishersA1RO's10
   Tons Hot Hand130
Ray CreaneyOharas PunishersA1RO's27
   Tons Hot Hand761
   Ro's Hot Hand27
Tom CurtinKill ShotA1RO's32
   Low Dart 30110
   Ro's Hot Hand32
Ryan KnoxKnick DartaholicsA2High In120
   Ro's Hot Hand43
Chuck MirabelKnick MixupsA2RO's32
   Tons Hot Hand980
   Hat Trickx1
3 All Stars
Player Team Division All Star Score
Jason AndersonSports Zone Darty DeedsBRO's12
   Tons Hot Hand565
Mike DiasKill ShotA1High Out128
Wayne DumontRJs Doubling TroubleA2High In105
Steve GrantOharas Flight SchoolA1RO's10
   Low Dart 30112
Kurt LambroukosRJs Bassholes TooA2RO's5
   Hat Trickx1
Russell MitchellKnick DartaholicsA2RO's21
   Tons Hot Hand720
Brandon NewcombKill ShotA1RO's6
   Low Dart 30111
Chris PopeCatchers Mitt No NamesB180'sx1
Parker StewartThe Boats Sailing AwayBRO's12
   Tons Hot Hand446
Mike WalshKnick MixupsA2RO's37
   Ro's Hot Hand37
2 All Stars
Player Team Division All Star Score
Bryan PereiraKnick ScabsA1180'sx1
Sammy AyalaOharas PunishersA1RO's5
Spencer BarakosCapt Johns Daht BagsCRO's10
Brett BelleroseCatchers Mitt No NamesBRO's12
John BlakieOharas PunishersA1RO's5
Bill BovillNab Licker PigsA1RO's28
Audrey BrazelKnick MixupsA2RO's10
Joe BrumRJs Doubling TroubleA2RO's12
Andy BrunelleNab Licker PigsA1RO's19
Joey BrysonOharas Flight SchoolA1RO's5
Jason CampbellNab Licker PigsA1RO's23
John CoatesBucks Fu#k the WireCRO's12
Robbie CrawsonThe Boats Sailing AwayBRO's5
Danny DentremontCapt Johns Daht BagsCTons Hot Hand508
Chris DozoisCapt Johns Daht BagsCRO's11
Brian EoriAbrews DegeneratesBRO's10
Oscar FloresKnick ScabsA1RO's15
Henry GrimardRJs Bassholes TooA2RO's6
Ken HarveyOharas PunishersA1RO's15
Gary JohnsonKnick MisfitsA2RO's10
Paul LamoureuxKill ShotA1RO's7
Eileen LeonardRJs Doubling TroubleA2RO's5
Joe MastrulloKnick MisfitsA2RO's5
Janet MelvinKnick MisfitsA2RO's5
   Hat Trickx1
Matt MercierAbrews DegeneratesBHigh In100
Russ PascoeKnick DartaholicsA2RO's10
Mike RaffertySports Zone Darty DeedsBRO's10
Paul SandoeNab Licker PigsA1RO's5
Corey SaucierAbrews DegeneratesBRO's5
Chris SherwoodRJs Doubling TroubleA2RO's16
   Hat Trickx1
Kevin SlizKnick MixupsA2Tons140
   Hat Trickx1
Glen TompkinsNab Licker PigsA1RO's12
Jon TowerCapt Johns Daht BagsCRO's11
Brian Wiggles WaegeleinKnick MisfitsA2RO's5
Shawn WhalenOharas Flight SchoolA1RO's10
1 All Star
Player Team Division All Star Score
John AllenBucks Fu#k the WireCRO's17
Mike AllenBucks Fu#k the WireCTons100
Amy AndersonSports Zone Darty DeedsBTons200
Kyle BakerKnick ScabsA1Tons200
Brian BerndstonRJs Bassholes TooA2Tons486
Eric BettencourtKnick ScabsA1RO's5
James BoisvertKnick DartaholicsA2Tons100
Olly ChanthabounRJs Bassholes TooA2RO's5
Keith ChaseSports Zone Darty DeedsBTons100
Paul CuocoCatchers Mitt No NamesBTons103
Tony DemalaRJs Doubling TroubleA2RO's10
Tony DrakoulakosKill ShotA1Tons100
Brian FrizzellRJs Bassholes TooA2RO's5
Angel GarciaCapt Johns Daht BagsCRO's12
Stacey GomezKnick MixupsA2RO's10
Paul HorganAbrews DegeneratesBRO's5
Ashley KnoxKnick DartaholicsA2RO's11
Frank KornRJs Doubling TroubleA2RO's13
Tony LeemonOharas PunishersA1Tons134
Dan LessardKnick MixupsA2Tons120
Jen LessardThe Boats Sailing AwayBTons225
Dawnmarie McCormickCapt Johns Daht BagsCTons100
Richie McCormickCapt Johns Daht BagsCRO's5
Travis McGrathOharas Flight SchoolA1Tons361
Rob MeserveyBucks Fu#k the WireCRO's5
Amanda MitchellKnick DartaholicsA2Tons121
Jim MulveyCatchers Mitt No NamesBTons101
Chris NoftleKnick MixupsA2Tons100
Marke PerryAbrews DegeneratesBRO's6
Chris PickettRJs Bassholes TooA2Tons213
Mark RipleyKill ShotA1Tons340
Peter RoyAbrews DegeneratesBRO's16
James SantosCatchers Mitt No NamesBRO's10
Dennis SavardCapt Johns Daht BagsCTons121
Stephen TompkinsKnick ScabsA1Tons225
Garry TowleKill ShotA1Tons222
James VolianitesThe Boats Sailing AwayBTons101
Elizabeth WalkerBucks Fu#k the WireCRO's5
Jarrod WhalenKnick MixupsA2RO's5
Kevin WhitcombNab Licker PigsA1RO's7
Jason WidtfeldtOharas PunishersA1Tons100