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Team 4012Crkt3012b501Crkt Win-Loss AVG WLT PTS
Marty Gras 35-75-47-53-68-436-36.5001-2-036
Wild Rover3-53-34-46-07-132-16.6672-0-032
NA Elks5-34-25-36-06-236-12.7502-0-036
NA Knights of Columbus8-44-55-77-25-740-32.5562-1-040
Corks Corner5-74-54-83-65-728-44.3890-3-028
JKs Boathouse 194-85-46-62-73-927-45.3751-2-027
Donegal 13-54-22-61-52-617-31.3540-2-017

Team 4012Crkt3012b501Crkt Win-Loss AVG WLT PTS
Tonys End Zone8-44-58-43-68-438-34.5282-1-038
Lyndhurst Legion 1398-44-56-63-68-436-36.5001-1-136
Kearny VFW6-63-65-75-47-534-38.4721-1-134
Donegal 26-69-08-45-47-549-23.6813-0-049
Belleville Legion 1053-91-84-87-26-629-43.4030-2-129
Kearny Elks7-57-29-34-55-743-29.5972-1-043
Marty Gras 27-55-45-72-74-830-42.4171-1-130
Hinchy's 14-82-74-88-13-931-41.4310-2-131
Kearny Elks 25-75-44-86-33-934-38.4721-1-134

Team 4012Crkt3012b501Crkt Win-Loss AVG WLT PTS
Wild Rover 28-46-36-65-48-444-28.6113-0-044
Harrison Elks8-43-65-75-47-536-36.5001-2-036
Polka Dot5-76-38-43-66-637-35.5141-2-037
Reilly's 34-43-33-52-44-421-27.4380-1-121
Hinchy's 24-42-42-64-23-521-27.4381-1-021
Central Lounge5-34-25-33-33-527-21.5632-0-027

 Week 4 Results
Reilly's 3 9-15Central LoungeView Result
Polka Dot vs.Hinchy's 2 
Wild Rover 2 vs.Harrison Elks 
LCC had a bye this week.

 Top Player Of The Week
   Caclulations have not been made.

 Week 4 All Stars
5 All Stars
Player Team Division All Star Score
Matt GerbasioMarty Gras 3AAll Star Points140
   All Star Points140
   All Star Points120
   All Star Points120
   All Star Points100
Joe ZiayaNA ElksAAll Star Points140
   All Star Points120
   All Star Points120
   All Star Points100
   All Star Points100
4 All Stars
Player Team Division All Star Score
Chris LearyMarty Gras 3AAll Star Points110
   All Star Points100
   All Star Points100
   All Star Points95
3 All Stars
Player Team Division All Star Score
Pat BrennanNA ElksAAll Star Points106
   All Star Points100
   All Star Points95
Rich DeMartinoLyndhurst Legion 139BAll Star Points120
   All Star Points116
   All Star Points100
Kyle GoltshDonegal 2BAll Star Points140
   All Star Points120
   All Star Points100
Joe GualdarramaNA Knights of ColumbusAAll Star Points100
   All Star Points97
   All Star Points96
Tim HeddenMarty Gras 3AAll Star Points140
   All Star Points100
   All Star Points95
James OstagReilly's 3CAll Star Points125
   All Star Points120
   All Star Points105
Dave OstranderNA ElksAAll Star Points102
   All Star Points100
   All Star Points100
Fritz SteverWild RoverAAll Star Points120
   All Star Points120
   All Star Points100
2 All Stars
Player Team Division All Star Score
Justin AllaireKearny Elks 2BAll Star Points97
   All Star Points95
Butch AlmodarNA Knights of ColumbusAAll Star Points100
   All Star Points95
Matt BoylanKearny VFWBAll Star Points140
   All Star Points95
TJ BradleyDonegal 2BAll Star Points120
   All Star Points100
Frank CrupiReilly's 3CAll Star Points120
   All Star Points95
Joe DiVincentMarty Gras 3AAll Star Points100
   All Star Points100
Mark HusseiniDonegal 2BAll Star Points120
   All Star Points114
Dan KellyWild RoverAAll Star Points140
   All Star Points121
Matt McCabeLyndhurst Legion 139BAll Star Points127
   All Star Points120
John MeloCentral LoungeCAll Star Points99
   All Star Points97
Tom Pettis LegendsBAll Star Points120
   All Star Points98
Jared SihlanikDonegal 2BAll Star Points140
   All Star Points120
Dan StadnickiReilly's 3CAll Star Points100
   All Star Points98
1 All Star
Player Team Division All Star Score
Billy AlvarezDonegal 2BAll Star Points105
Bobby ArchibaldHinchy's 1BAll Star Points100
Richard BarryBelleville Legion 105BAll Star Points140
Joe BoucherBelleville Legion 105BAll Star Points97
Bobby BowerKearny ElksBAll Star Points125
Ryan BowerKearny ElksBAll Star Points100
Kevin CarrollMarty Gras 2BAll Star Points121
Jason ChiafulioWild RoverAAll Star Points140
Ben CieslaKearny ElksBAll Star Points95
Hal DelaneyKearny Elks 2BAll Star Points110
Dave DiCrisciMarty Gras 2BAll Star Points96
Mike Dominguez JrNA Knights of ColumbusAAll Star Points121
Keith DonnellyDonegal 2BAll Star Points100
Russell DonnellyNA ElksAAll Star Points125
Jack FerreiraCentral LoungeCAll Star Points100
Pete FerrieroBelleville Legion 105BAll Star Points120
Dennis GonzalezKearny Elks 2BAll Star Points95
Bill KappKearny ElksBAll Star Points100
Kenneth LantzWild RoverAAll Star Points100
Brian LukemanNA Knights of ColumbusAAll Star Points140
Jesse MartinezReilly's 3CAll Star Points120
James MoranKearny VFWBAll Star Points118
Brett MussendenKearny ElksBAll Star Points95
Nick MustilliTonys End ZoneBAll Star Points147
Danny NankivellHinchy's 1BAll Star Points105
Tony NardiniNA ElksAAll Star Points95
Dave O'BrianNA Knights of ColumbusAAll Star Points117
Frank PerezTonys End ZoneBAll Star Points95
John PintoCentral LoungeCAll Star Points108
Jeff PusoLyndhurst Legion 139BAll Star Points110
John SalpepeLyndhurst Legion 139BAll Star Points100
James SmithTonys End ZoneBAll Star Points95
John SpiritoMarty Gras 3AAll Star Points95
Steve SroczynskiMarty Gras 2BAll Star Points125
Barry TaylorKearny VFWBAll Star Points100
Juan VillanuevaCentral LoungeCAll Star Points99
Rob WarnockLegendsBAll Star Points100
Jeremy WeilandLegendsBAll Star Points140
John WhiteTonys End ZoneBAll Star Points95
Linda WolfKearny VFWBAll Star Points112
Brian WoodReilly's 3CAll Star Points98
Tom WorleyWild RoverAAll Star Points100