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 Match Result

Away Team Total Wins Total Wins Home Team
Knickerbocker 3rd Daht 7 10 Paddy's Penitentiary

 All Stars

Away Team  All Stars   All Stars  Home Team
Knickerbocker 3rd Daht 13 18 Paddy's Penitentiary

 All Star Breakdown

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All Stars

Name of Player All Star Type # Hit Throw Score
Donna LemieuxRO's15
Andy Fluffy TromblyRO's110
Andy Fluffy TromblyTons1521
Andy Fluffy TromblyLow Dart 601132
Mike LamoureuxHigh In1108
Mike LamoureuxTons1241
Mike LamoureuxHat Trick11
Bobby AllardTons1321
Bobby AllardLow Dart 601132
Paul Lamoureux180's1 
Paul LamoureuxRO's15
Paul LamoureuxTons Hot Hand1645
Paul LamoureuxTons1645
Paul LamoureuxLow Dart Doubles 501122
Paul LamoureuxHat Trick11
Paul LamoureuxLow Dart 601132
Ken TassiRO's15
Ken TassiLow Dart Doubles 501122
Rob BernierRO's15
Garry TowleTons1500
Justin HoodRO's114
Justin HoodTons1236
Justin HoodLow Dart Doubles Cricket126
Justin HoodRo's Hot Hand114
Cheryl DooleyRO's15
Cheryl DooleyTons1245
Cheryl DooleyLow Dart Doubles Cricket126
Kurt LambroukosRO's15
Kurt LambroukosTons1340
Henry GrimardLow Dart 301114
Henry GrimardTons1200