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Team wk8wk7wk6wk5wk4 Win-Loss WLT 601CD301D501PAT Last 5 Average Points
Knickerbocker LCFCM13-412-58-911-68-985-516-2-010-615-922-2620-418-6WWLWL.62585
Knickerbocker Dart Knights8-98-99-810-710-765-713-5-07-912-1228-2010-148-16LLWWW.47865
VFW post 662 Legacy9-85-127-107-109-862-744-4-08-88-1629-1910-147-17WLLLW.45662
Knickerbocker The 94-139-810-76-117-1060-763-5-07-913-1117-318-1615-9LWWLL.44160

Team wk8wk7wk6wk5wk4 Win-Loss WLT 601CD301D501PAT Last 5 Average Points
Sports Zone Penitentiary10-710-714-314-39-890-467-1-014-217-731-1712-1216-8WWWWW.66290
Knickerbocker Midget Tossing Lunatics9-810-73-1410-713-476-607-1-07-917-725-2311-1316-8WWLWW.55976
Nab Licker Pigs8-97-1012-57-108-968-682-6-05-1114-1022-2616-811-13LLWLL.50068
Sports Zone Greenwave7-107-105-123-144-1338-980-8-06-100-2418-309-155-19LLLLL.27938

Team wk8wk7wk6wk5wk4 Win-Loss WLT 601CD301D501PAT Last 5 Average Points
Knickerbocker Dartaholics9-814-310-712-512-591-458-0-09-716-834-1417-715-9WWWWW.66991
OHaras Bad News Beers8-911-613-411-610-774-625-3-08-814-1023-2515-914-10LWWWW.54474
Knickerbocker PTB4-133-1411-611-67-1068-684-4-06-1014-1025-2312-1211-13LLWWL.50068
Brothers Just the Tip10-66-117-106-1111-666-693-5-09-711-1324-2410-1312-12WLLLW.48966
A-Brews Darty Deeds6-106-116-116-115-1241-940-8-07-95-1917-315-187-17LLLLL.30441

Team wk8wk7wk6wk5wk4 Win-Loss WLT 601CD301D501PAT Last 5 Average Points
Knickerbocker The Unknown13-413-47-1015-212-581-555-3-07-913-1133-1515-913-11WWLWW.59681
Nab On the Pond10-711-610-75-128-981-556-2-09-717-727-2113-1115-9WWWLL.59681
Bucks Misfit Toys7-104-137-1012-56-1162-743-5-09-712-1218-3010-1413-11LLLWL.45662
Jokers Hit That Shit7-109-710-75-125-1260-753-5-08-810-1419-2911-1312-11LWWLL.44460
OHaras Not Quite Right10-77-94-132-159-854-813-5-08-88-1620-2811-137-16WLLLW.40054

Team wk8wk7wk6wk5wk4 Win-Loss WLT 601CD301D501PAT Last 5 Average Points
RJs Bassholes II11-6 11-611-610-768-346-0-06-615-319-1712-616-2WWWWW.66768
Catchers Mitt Bus6-1112-59-8 14-367-524-3-09-59-1226-1613-810-11LWWWL.56367
Jokers Drive by Shooters9-010-78-96-11 65-465-2-07-610-1027-1210-1011-8WWLLW.58665
Boathouse The Misfits 7-106-1112-53-1438-641-5-06-67-1113-237-115-13LLWLL.37338
Dom Polski Good Yourself?0-95-12 5-127-1026-680-6-03-86-118-255-124-12LLLLL.27726

Team wk8wk7wk6wk5wk4 Win-Loss WLT 601CD301D501PAT Last 5 Average Points
Jokers Bent Shafts10-711-613-49-89-882-547-1-011-514-1024-2417-716-8WWWWW.60382
Brothers Mafia11-66-1110-717-08-974-624-4-08-816-826-2212-1212-12WLWWL.54474
Captain Johns Krazy Krew7-109-87-108-99-871-654-4-07-911-1328-2011-1314-10LWLLW.52271
Knickerbocker No Skill, Just Lucky!6-118-94-130-178-945-911-7-06-107-1718-308-166-18LLLLL.33145


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 wk8 All Stars
7 All Stars
Player Team Division All Star Score
Andy BrunelleNab Licker PigsAHigh In138
   Tons Hot Hand1103
   Ro's Hot Hand24
5 All Stars
Player Team Division All Star Score
Mike DiasVFW post 662 LegacyProHigh In116
   Ro's Hot Hand32
   Hat Trick1
4 All Stars
Player Team Division All Star Score
Phil AucoinCatchers Mitt BusCHigh Out115
   Tons Hot Hand441
Tony BT BenjaminKnickerbocker Dart KnightsProHigh In100
   High Out106
James BoisvertKnickerbocker PTBB1180'sx1
Topher EllisonKnickerbocker The 9ProRO's48
   Ro's Hot Hand48
   Hat Trick1
Henry GrimardRJs Bassholes IICRO's23
   Ro's Hot Hand23
   Hat Trick1
Bobby JeffersonBrothers Just the TipB1High In112
   Tons Hot Hand452
John KeoghKnickerbocker Dart KnightsPro180'sx1
   High In115
Ryan KnoxBucks Misfit ToysB2RO's25
   Tons Hot Hand480
   Ro's Hot Hand25
Pat P-MAC McKeonKnickerbocker LCFCMProHigh Out100
   Hat Trick1
Russell MitchellKnickerbocker DartaholicsB1RO's21
   Ro's Hot Hand21
   Hat Trick1
Rich PooreOHaras Bad News BeersB1180'sx1
   Hat Trick1
Levi RemickKnickerbocker LCFCMProHigh In139
   Tons Hot Hand1682
Paul SandoeNab On the PondB2RO's16
   Tons Hot Hand380
   Ro's Hot Hand16
3 All Stars
Player Team Division All Star Score
Dave AsselinSports Zone PenitentiaryAHigh In100
Eric BettencourtKnickerbocker Midget Tossing LunaticsA180'sx1
Bill BovillNab Licker PigsARO's10
   Hat Trick1
Kevin CollinsKnickerbocker Dart KnightsProRO's27
   Tons Hot Hand1122
Jason DemersKnickerbocker The 9ProHigh In108
Tony DrakoulakosSports Zone GreenwaveAHigh In112
Wayne DumontSports Zone GreenwaveAHigh In114
Dave DwyerKnickerbocker LCFCMProRO's20
   Hat Trick1
Rich GingrasKnickerbocker Dart KnightsProHigh In156
Chris HollandBrothers Just the TipB1High In112
Kurt LambroukosRJs Bassholes IICRO's9
   Hat Trick1
Paul LamoureuxSports Zone PenitentiaryARO's10
   Tons Hot Hand637
Brendan MillsKnickerbocker The 9ProRO's31
   Hat Trick1
Jim MulveyCatchers Mitt BusCHigh In105
Tom Butter NewcombVFW post 662 LegacyProHigh Out116
Chris PalmerJokers Hit That ShitB2RO's6
   Hat Trick1
Frank PetersonVFW post 662 LegacyProHigh In101
Mark RipleyVFW post 662 LegacyProHigh In1
Tom SawyerKnickerbocker The 9ProHigh In140
Jimmy TranfagliaKnickerbocker LCFCMProHigh In100
Andy Fluffy TromblySports Zone PenitentiaryARO's22
   Ro's Hot Hand22
2 All Stars
Player Team Division All Star Score
Andrew AdamsSports Zone GreenwaveARO's5
Brad AlexanderJokers Bent ShaftsDRO's6
Jon ArdenNab On the PondB2RO's5
Sammy AyalaKnickerbocker Midget Tossing LunaticsARO's5
Brenna BakerKnickerbocker Dart KnightsProRO's10
Jason BarnesNab Licker PigsARO's10
Jennifer BarrettDom Polski Good Yourself?CRO's7
Adam BellevilleKnickerbocker Dart KnightsProRO's29
Miguel CamachoJokers Bent ShaftsDRO's5
Jason CampbellNab Licker PigsARO's20
Jose ColonKnickerbocker The UnknownB2RO's10
Mike CoutuBrothers MafiaDRO's10
   Ro's Hot Hand10
Kris DongBucks Misfit ToysB2RO's10
Oscar FloresKnickerbocker LCFCMProRO's30
Nick FordKnickerbocker The UnknownB2RO's5
Steve GrantSports Zone PenitentiaryARO's6
Keny HarrisOHaras Not Quite RightB2RO's10
Jordan HealyOHaras Not Quite RightB2RO's12
Anthony TiT HickfordCaptain Johns Krazy KrewDRO's5
Kevin JamesKnickerbocker The UnknownB2RO's5
Anthony MarcheseKnickerbocker Dart KnightsProHigh In105
Jeff McCormickKnickerbocker PTBB1RO's17
Tugg McGrathOHaras Bad News BeersB1RO's19
Rob MillsKnickerbocker The 9ProRO's6
Brandon NewcombKnickerbocker The 9ProRO's5
Jim OrleansKnickerbocker Midget Tossing LunaticsARO's10
Ray OteroJokers Hit That ShitB2High In108
Russ PascoeKnickerbocker DartaholicsB1RO's5
Mike RaffetyA-Brews Darty DeedsB1RO's4
Sean RaymondKnickerbocker LCFCMProRO's23
Alina RetanaKnickerbocker No Skill, Just Lucky!DRO's10
   Ro's Hot Hand10
Jeremy SeamansBrothers MafiaDRO's5
Bryan SmithKnickerbocker The UnknownB2RO's6
Derek StoneBrothers MafiaDRO's5
Robert SullivanJokers Bent ShaftsDTons Hot Hand222
Ron SullivanJokers Bent ShaftsDRO's7
   Ro's Hot Hand7
Jobbie ToddOHaras Bad News BeersB1Tons Hot Hand718
Glen TompkinsNab Licker PigsARO's4
   Hat Trick1
Garry TowleSports Zone PenitentiaryARO's15
Marcia TynanKnickerbocker No Skill, Just Lucky!DTons Hot Hand140
David Shakey Hands VittOHaras Not Quite RightB2High In106
James VolianitesJokers Drive by ShootersCRO's5
Mike WalshKnickerbocker Midget Tossing LunaticsARO's17
1 All Star
Player Team Division All Star Score
Chris AndersonNab On the PondB2Tons102
Jason AndersonA-Brews Darty DeedsB1RO's7
Dan AucoinCatchers Mitt BusCTons100
Beanie BeanzKnickerbocker PTBB1RO's5
Eric BreenBrothers Just the TipB1Tons200
Matt BrownKnickerbocker The UnknownB2RO's6
Rodney BrunetteCaptain Johns Krazy KrewDTons100
Rich BueJokers Drive by ShootersCTons200
Bob CarrollJokers Hit That ShitB2RO's5
Olly ChanthabounRJs Bassholes IICTons100
Jen CochraneA-Brews Darty DeedsB1Tons105
Fred CorreiaA-Brews Darty DeedsB1Tons100
Robbie CrawsonOHaras Bad News BeersB1RO's5
Paul CuocoCatchers Mitt BusCRO's7
Vinnie DeDeroCaptain Johns Krazy KrewDRO's5
Karen DinjianJokers Bent ShaftsDRO's6
Sean DoyleOHaras Not Quite RightB2RO's5
Jeff FarrellOHaras Bad News BeersB1Tons100
Bobby Frazier JrKnickerbocker DartaholicsB1Tons123
Phil GibbonsJokers Hit That ShitB2Tons120
Darryl GreeneDom Polski Good Yourself?CTons200
Chad HervieuxRJs Bassholes IICRO's5
Jon JamesKnickerbocker The UnknownB2Tons100
Shawn JennisonKnickerbocker No Skill, Just Lucky!DRO's5
Bob JewerBucks Misfit ToysB2RO's6
Jerry JutrasKnickerbocker Midget Tossing LunaticsARO's5
Ed KelleyVFW post 662 LegacyProTons400
Mark KloetzerKnickerbocker No Skill, Just Lucky!DRO's7
Ashley KnoxBucks Misfit ToysB2RO's6
Donna LemieuxVFW post 662 LegacyProTons405
Eileen LeonardKnickerbocker PTBB1Tons123
Jen LessardKnickerbocker No Skill, Just Lucky!DTons107
Bryanna LewisBucks Misfit ToysB2Tons200
Joe LisiSports Zone GreenwaveARO's6
Jack LopesKnickerbocker No Skill, Just Lucky!DRO's5
Andrea MaileBrothers Just the TipB1Tons138
Dawnmarie McCormickKnickerbocker DartaholicsB1RO's6
Richie McCormickKnickerbocker DartaholicsB1Tons233
Melissa MehiganBucks Misfit ToysB2Tons115
Arthur MeleKnickerbocker The 9ProRO's21
Amanda MitchellKnickerbocker DartaholicsB1Tons100
Ann NelsonCaptain Johns Krazy KrewDTons140
Krazy MAN Nelson SrCaptain Johns Krazy KrewDTons140
Brendan O'RiordanBrothers Just the TipB1RO's5
Corey PareBrothers Just the TipB1RO's7
Andy ParkeSports Zone GreenwaveATons124
Donna PascoeKnickerbocker DartaholicsB1RO's5
Mike RepozaJokers Drive by ShootersCTons119
Steph RudisJokers Bent ShaftsDTons200
James SantosCatchers Mitt BusCTons100
Dennis SavardDom Polski Good Yourself?CTons102
Josh SchollKnickerbocker The UnknownB2RO's10
Neil SennaBrothers MafiaDTons121
Bob ShepardRJs Bassholes IICRO's5
Chris SilvaA-Brews Darty DeedsB1Tons100
Parker StewartJokers Drive by ShootersCRO's5
Stephen TompkinsKnickerbocker Midget Tossing LunaticsARO's15
Kevin WhitcombNab On the PondB2RO's5
Mike WoznacNab Licker PigsARO's5