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 Week 5
 Player of Week A
Paul LamoureuxPaddy's Penitentiary
Steve GrantPaddy's Penitentiary
   Game of the Week
Mike Lamoureux (.500) defeated Sammy Ayala (.900) in 301
 Player of week Pro
Ken HarveyVFW post 662 Legacy
Brandon NewcombKnickerbocker 7 Dicks & 1 Chick
   Game of the Week
Anthony Marchese (.300) defeated Frank Peterson (.700) in 301
 Player of Week B
Dave AsselinO'Hara's No Buck's Allowed
Matt WaningKnickerbocker Dartaholics
   Game of the Week
Ed Dufresne + Tom Kinney (.300) defeated Bill Bovill + Andy Brunelle (.900) in 501 Doubles
 Player of Week C
Kevin WhitcombNab On the Pond
Ron BrowersBoathouse The Misfits
   Game of the Week
Ashley Knox (.300) defeated Gary Normandin (.700) in 301
 Player of Week D
Jen LessardKnickerbocker No Skill, Just Lucky!
Ed AmosKnickerbocker No Willy's Just Steady
   Game of the Week
Stacy Leblanc (.600) defeated Phil Gibbons (.700) in 301