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 Match Result

Away Team Total Wins Total Wins Home Team
Knickerbocker Smashing Trips & Nips 11 6 A-Brews Just the Tip

 All Stars

Away Team  All Stars   All Stars  Home Team
Knickerbocker Smashing Trips & Nips 28 15 A-Brews Just the Tip

 All Star Breakdown

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All Stars

Name of Player All Star Type # Hit Throw Score
Steve GrantRO's112
Steve GrantTons1200
Steve GrantHat Trick11
Pep LeonardLow Dart Doubles 501123
Pep LeonardLow Dart Doubles Cricket133
Pep LeonardLow Dart 601140
Juan Jose JJ SantanaHigh In1100
Juan Jose JJ SantanaRO's17
Juan Jose JJ SantanaTons1100
Juan Jose JJ SantanaHat Trick11
Juan Jose JJ SantanaLow Dart 601140
Mikey ColonHigh In1110
Mikey ColonRO's116
Mikey ColonTons Hot Hand1715
Mikey ColonTons1715
Mikey ColonLow Dart Doubles 501123
Mikey ColonLow Dart Doubles Cricket133
Mikey ColonHat Trick11
Chris Gartland180's1 
Chris GartlandRO's111
Chris GartlandTons1401
Jeff McCormickRO's111
Jeff McCormickLow Dart 601140
Joe BrumRO's116
Joe BrumTons1340
Bert MartinezLow Dart 601140
Russ ShurtleffRO's110
Russ ShurtleffTons1248
Russ ShurtleffHat Trick11
Russ ShurtleffLow Dart 601140
Corey PareHigh In1108
Corey PareRO's111
Corey PareTons1308
Bobby JeffersonRO's15
Bobby JeffersonTons1100
James MacDonald RO's15
James MacDonald Tons1200
Gordo Big Daddy BermudezHigh In1116
Gordo Big Daddy BermudezRO's141
Gordo Big Daddy BermudezLow Dart 301113
Gordo Big Daddy BermudezTons1237
Gordo Big Daddy BermudezRo's Hot Hand141
Gordo Big Daddy BermudezLow Dart 601140