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 Match Result

Home Team Total Wins Total Wins Away Team
Knickerbocker Dart Knights 9 8 Knickerbocker LCFCM

 All Stars

Home Team  All Stars   All Stars  Away Team
Knickerbocker Dart Knights 16 18 Knickerbocker LCFCM

 All Star Breakdown

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All Stars

Name of Player All Star Type # Hit Throw Score
Levi RemickHigh In1109
Levi RemickHigh Out1119
Levi RemickRO's144
Levi RemickTons Hot Hand1965
Levi RemickTons1965
Levi RemickHat Trick11
Jimmy TranfagliaRO's120
Rich GingrasHigh In1100
Rich GingrasRO's15
Rich GingrasTons1300
Sean RaymondRO's116
Sean RaymondTons1540
Sean RaymondHat Trick11
Adam BellevilleHigh In1120
Adam BellevilleRO's146
Adam BellevilleRO-91 
Adam BellevilleTons1346
Adam BellevilleRo's Hot Hand146
Oscar FloresHigh In1148
Oscar FloresRO's127
Oscar FloresTons1609
Brenna BakerRO's112
Tony BT BenjaminRO's135
Tony BT BenjaminTons1255
Pat P-MAC McKeonHigh Out1106
Pat P-MAC McKeonRO's140
Pat P-MAC McKeonTons1848
Pat P-MAC McKeonHat Trick11
Kevin CollinsHigh In1100
Kevin CollinsRO's144
Kevin CollinsTons1638
John KeoghHigh In1100
John KeoghTons1540
Logan RemickTons1221