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 Match Result

Home Team Total Wins Total Wins Away Team
Knickerbocker Dart Knights 8 9 VFW post 662 Legacy

 All Stars

Home Team  All Stars   All Stars  Away Team
Knickerbocker Dart Knights 20 16 VFW post 662 Legacy

 All Star Breakdown

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All Stars

Name of Player All Star Type # Hit Throw Score
Donna LemieuxTons1405
Ed KelleyTons1400
Mike DiasHigh In1116
Mike DiasRO's132
Mike DiasTons1456
Mike DiasRo's Hot Hand132
Mike DiasHat Trick11
Tom Butter NewcombHigh Out1116
Tom Butter NewcombRO's114
Tom Butter NewcombTons1676
Mark RipleyHigh In11
Mark RipleyRO's122
Mark RipleyTons1595
Anthony MarcheseHigh In1105
Anthony MarcheseTons1225
Frank PetersonHigh In1101
Frank PetersonRO's15
Frank PetersonTons1324
Rich GingrasHigh In1156
Rich GingrasRO's15
Rich GingrasTons1396
Adam BellevilleRO's129
Adam BellevilleTons1469
Brenna BakerRO's110
Brenna BakerTons1100
Tony BT BenjaminHigh In1100
Tony BT BenjaminHigh Out1106
Tony BT BenjaminRO's15
Tony BT BenjaminTons1446
Kevin CollinsRO's127
Kevin CollinsTons Hot Hand11122
Kevin CollinsTons11122
John Keogh180's1 
John KeoghHigh In1115
John KeoghRO's120
John KeoghTons1535