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 Match Result

Home Team Total Wins Total Wins Away Team
Sports Zone Greenwave 3 14 Sports Zone Penitentiary

 All Stars

Home Team  All Stars   All Stars  Away Team
Sports Zone Greenwave 10 26 Sports Zone Penitentiary

 All Star Breakdown

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All Stars

Name of Player All Star Type # Hit Throw Score
Steve GrantRO's111
Steve GrantTons1120
Gary TrigonesHigh In1120
Gary TrigonesRO's16
Gary TrigonesTons Hot Hand1606
Gary TrigonesTons1606
Gary TrigonesLow Dart Doubles Cricket123
Andy Fluffy TromblyRO's15
Andy Fluffy TromblyLow Dart 301111
Andy Fluffy TromblyTons1240
Dave AsselinHigh In1105
Dave AsselinRO's122
Dave AsselinTons1466
Dave AsselinLow Dart Doubles Cricket123
Dave AsselinLow Dart 601125
Joe LisiRO's110
Joe LisiTons1100
Andrew AdamsRO's110
Andrew AdamsTons1261
Tony DrakoulakosRO's15
Tony DrakoulakosTons1121
Andy ParkeRO's15
Andy ParkeTons1325
Peter DrakoulakosRO's116
Peter DrakoulakosTons1223
Mike LamoureuxTons1256
Mike LamoureuxLow Dart Doubles 501126
Mike LamoureuxLow Dart 601125
Paul LamoureuxHigh In1102
Paul LamoureuxRO's123
Paul LamoureuxTons1602
Paul LamoureuxRo's Hot Hand123
Paul LamoureuxLow Dart 601125
Garry TowleRO's117
Garry TowleTons1100
Garry TowleLow Dart Doubles 501126