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 Match Result

Home Team Total Wins Total Wins Away Team
24. Shafted 6 5 26. Top Flytes

 All Stars

Home Team  All Stars   All Stars  Away Team
24. Shafted 6 8 26. Top Flytes

 All Star Breakdown

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All Stars

Name of Player All Star Type # Hit Throw Score
Barb WhiteHigh Score1132
Barb WhiteDouble Outs12
Barb BelliveauHigh Score1112
Barb BelliveauDouble Outs12
Joy BrodersDouble Outs14
Donna Allen (spare)High Score1109
Donna Allen (spare)Double Outs11
Mary Avery Double Outs12
Ev ChristensenDouble Outs12
Lyle LeitchDouble Outs14
Leigh MagowanDouble Outs11
Glen Peters Double Outs12
Nancy FleuryDouble Outs13
Virginia WintertonDouble Outs14