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 Week 18
 Player Of The Week
Kevin Barron07. 4 Balls 2 Mitts
Cody Carter07. 4 Balls 2 Mitts
   Game of the Week
Matt Vonseefried (spare) (.300) defeated Adam Pollard (.667) in Singles 501
Evelyn Saunders27.Fly by Nights
Stephanie Avery26. Top Flytes
   Game of the Week
Jean Knodwell + Lisa Wardrop (.387) defeated Paul Phenix (.733) in Doubles 501
Al Ayres23. Avengers
John JZ Loughlin 16. Show Us Yer Tips
   Game of the Week
Al Ayres + Mike Ayres (.295) defeated John JZ Loughlin + Dave Sanchez May (.909) in Doubles 501
   Georgina Elite
Richard Leppan 04. The Fellas
Rick Newman01. CJ Barleys
   Game of the Week
Richard Leppan (.500) defeated Larry Lacktin (.688) in Singles 501