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 Week 3
 Player Of The Week
Mark Tremblett 04. The Fellas
Lorne Corcoran04. The Fellas
   Game of the Week
Richard Cox (.300) defeated Dean Whyte (.500) in Singles 501
Neil Uncle Harry Harris16. Show Us Yer Tips
Al Ayres23. Avengers
   Game of the Week
Paul Thompson + Kevin Boothby (.400) defeated Todd McGrath + Christina Keenan (.650) in Doubles 501
John Kmiec22. Want to Play?
Mike Moss22. Want to Play?
   Game of the Week
Leigh Magowan + Barb White (.450) defeated Tammy Mark (.700) in Doubles 501
   Georgina Elite
John White03. Dartflyers
Wade Warren03. Dartflyers
   Game of the Week
John Gerlings (.300) defeated Troy Duncan (.700) in Singles 501