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 Week 20
 Player Of The Week
Peter Gardiner12. Get 'R' Done
Adam Barron 8. Armed & Hammered
   Game of the Week
Adam Barron (.182) defeated Donna Clarke (.500) in Singles 401
Andrew Roland (spare)17. Outer Limits
Kim Harris 15. Last Call
   Game of the Week
Ryan Williams + George Cameron + Robert Laing (.344) defeated Rob Hill + Doug Rogers + Ben Goddin (spare) (.673) in Triples 701
Laine Phenix26. Who Darted
Paul Phenix26. Who Darted
   Game of the Week
Paul Thompson + Mike Kirkham (spare) (.417) defeated Mike. Morris + Sue Phenix (.716) in Doubles 501
   Georgina Elite
Brian Pike 6. Shell Lumber
Wade Warren4. Dartflyers
   Game of the Week
Rick Newman (.625) defeated Rick Boyd (1.000) in Singles 501