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 Week 5
 Player Of The Week
Christine Artibello06. Schell Lumber
Gary Davidson (spare)10. Hills Hurlers
   Game of the Week
Chris Grant (.200) defeated Glenn Baker (.700) in Singles 501
Doug Boettger 21. SyAcc Systems
Malcolm Grey21. SyAcc Systems
   Game of the Week
Paul James + Dorreen Henderson (.200) defeated Mary Avery + Barb Belliveau (.450) in Doubles 501
Bill Neggers28. Avengers
Robert Smyth (spare)15. Bailey's Bullshooters
   Game of the Week
PJ Gerrard + Emma Pegg + Mitchell Rivers (.133) defeated Peter Warick + Evelyn Saunders + Taryn Avery (spare) (.433) in Triples 701
   Georgina Elite
Fred Morgenroth03. Dartflyers
Terry Cooper03. Dartflyers
   Game of the Week
Scott Rotchford (.400) defeated Darrell Dummer (.700) in Singles 501