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 Week 14
 Player Of The Week
Adam Pollard14. Wimpy's
Scott Puterbaugh 11. The Fellas
   Game of the Week
Mark Barron (spare) (.400) defeated Rob Wilson (.875) in Singles 501
Glenn Phenix18. Darty Minds
Darrell Foote22. Top Spot 1
   Game of the Week
Bill Pegg (.333) defeated Kyle Cormier (.700) in Singles 401
Kevin Boothby25. Who Darted
Megan Walter26. Crazy Ones
   Game of the Week
Geoff Boscombe (.273) defeated Roger Belliveau (.615) in Singles 301
   Georgina Elite
Matt Barrone02. Cocky's Offsiders
John White03. Dartflyers
   Game of the Week
Glenn Baker (.667) defeated Wade Warren (1.000) in Singles 501