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 Week 21
 Player Of The Week
Rob Wilson9. The Rebels
Darcy Strong 13.Wally's Weekenders
   Game of the Week
Natalie Oliveira (.400) defeated Todd McGrath (.600) in Singles 401
Paul May19. Looney Blue Jays
Neil Uncle Harry Harris15. Last Call
   Game of the Week
Steve Ward + Glen Peters (.481) defeated Sherri Grayson + Stephanie Avery (.690) in Doubles 501
Lyle Leitch24. Shafted
Mike. Morris23. C for Serious
   Game of the Week
Barb Belliveau (.154) defeated Carl Mattinen (.462) in Singles 301
   Georgina Elite
Dale Stevenson2. CJ Barleys
Rod Cook5. Thee Resurrection
   Game of the Week
Terry Brown + Darrell Dummer (.208) defeated John Stoner + Brian Pike (.650) in Doubles 501