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Team W21W20W19W18W17 Win-Loss WLT T701D501S401 Last 5 AVG PTS
12. Get 'R' Done6-55-68-38-38-3133-9815-6-025-1741-2267-59WLWWW.576133
13.Wally's Weekenders7-46-510-17-49-2131-10013-8-021-2142-2168-58WWWWW.567131
9. The Rebels5-66-55-65-66-5121-11013-8-026-1633-3062-64LWLLW.524121
8. Armed & Hammered9-27-46-55-69-2111-12011-10-019-2333-3059-67WWWLW.481111
7. Want to Play?4-75-66-56-55-6101-13010-11-018-2423-4060-66LLWWL.437101
14. Top Spot 18-35-63-84-77-498-1339-12-018-2423-4057-69WLLLW.42498
10. Desperado's3-84-75-66-52-996-1349-12-017-2526-3753-72LLLWL.41796
11. Dragons2-96-51-103-88-392-1398-13-018-2429-3445-81LWLLW.39892


 Player Of The Week
Rob Wilson9. The Rebels
Darcy Strong 13.Wally's Weekenders
   Game of the Week
Natalie Oliveira (.400) defeated Todd McGrath (.600) in Singles 401
Paul May19. Looney Blue Jays
Neil Uncle Harry Harris15. Last Call
   Game of the Week
Steve Ward + Glen Peters (.481) defeated Sherri Grayson + Stephanie Avery (.690) in Doubles 501
Lyle Leitch24. Shafted
Mike. Morris23. C for Serious
   Game of the Week
Barb Belliveau (.154) defeated Carl Mattinen (.462) in Singles 301
   Georgina Elite
Dale Stevenson2. CJ Barleys
Rod Cook5. Thee Resurrection
   Game of the Week
Terry Brown + Darrell Dummer (.208) defeated John Stoner + Brian Pike (.650) in Doubles 501

 Week 21 All Stars
5 All Stars
Player Team Division All Star Score
Rob Wilson9. The Rebels Georgina180'sx1
   High Score140
   High Score135
   High Score121
   Double Outs4
4 All Stars
Player Team Division All Star Score
Mark Fletcher13.Wally's Weekenders GeorginaHigh Score132
   High Score114
   High Score114
   Double Outs2
3 All Stars
Player Team Division All Star Score
Rose Critch8. Armed & Hammered GeorginaHigh Score140
   High Finish 80 - 10092
   Double Outs2
Richard Cox9. The Rebels GeorginaHigh Score133
   High Score117
   Double Outs3
Darcy Strong 13.Wally's Weekenders GeorginaHigh Finish 101 +114
   High Score135
   Double Outs4
2 All Stars
Player Team Division All Star Score
Peter Crowder14. Top Spot 1 GeorginaHigh Score156
   Double Outs3
Harvey Haw9. The Rebels GeorginaHigh Score105
   Double Outs2
Larry Lacktin12. Get 'R' Done GeorginaHigh Score105
   Double Outs4
Kevin Barron8. Armed & Hammered GeorginaHigh Score174
   Double Outs2
Terry Cartwright (spare)14. Top Spot 1 GeorginaHigh Score121
   Double Outs4
Gord Crowder14. Top Spot 1 GeorginaHigh Score125
   Double Outs2
Lee Draycott7. Want to Play? GeorginaHigh Score112
   Double Outs5
Darrell Foote14. Top Spot 1 GeorginaHigh Score135
   Double Outs4
Rob Gardiner12. Get 'R' Done GeorginaHigh Score140
   Double Outs2
Darin Norris (spare)10. Desperado's GeorginaHigh Score101
   Double Outs4
Jamie Reynolds13.Wally's Weekenders GeorginaHigh Score140
   High Score125
Luke Tremblett13.Wally's Weekenders GeorginaHigh Finish 101 +108
   Double Outs3
Paris Tumanidi14. Top Spot 1 GeorginaHigh Score129
   Double Outs3
Udo Veidemanis (spare)12. Get 'R' Done GeorginaHigh Score133
   Double Outs1
1 All Star
Player Team Division All Star Score
Laurie Barnes11. Dragons GeorginaDouble Outs1
Mark Barron (spare)8. Armed & Hammered GeorginaDouble Outs4
Norm Mark10. Desperado's GeorginaDouble Outs2
Tammy Mark10. Desperado's GeorginaDouble Outs1
Natalie Oliveira8. Armed & Hammered GeorginaDouble Outs4
Amer Beeforth 11. Dragons GeorginaHigh Score108
Donna Clarke10. Desperado's GeorginaDouble Outs1
Darren Fletcher 13.Wally's Weekenders GeorginaDouble Outs3
Sherry Foote14. Top Spot 1 GeorginaDouble Outs2
Sandy Hermann7. Want to Play? GeorginaDouble Outs1
John Kmiec7. Want to Play? GeorginaDouble Outs1
Todd McGrath11. Dragons GeorginaDouble Outs1
John Meadows 12. Get 'R' Done GeorginaDouble Outs3
Ron Mills11. Dragons GeorginaDouble Outs4
Josh Morton13.Wally's Weekenders GeorginaDouble Outs2
Mike Moss7. Want to Play? GeorginaDouble Outs2
Dennis Mulroney 7. Want to Play? GeorginaDouble Outs2
Lucas Patrick12. Get 'R' Done GeorginaDouble Outs3
Louisa Petten10. Desperado's GeorginaHigh Score112
Laura Sears9. The Rebels GeorginaDouble Outs1
John Slawson7. Want to Play? GeorginaDouble Outs1
Terry Smith8. Armed & Hammered GeorginaDouble Outs4
Robert Statham9. The Rebels GeorginaDouble Outs1
Phil Vonseefried (spare)8. Armed & Hammered GeorginaDouble Outs3
Sharon Wilson12. Get 'R' Done GeorginaDouble Outs1