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Team W3W2W1 Win-Loss WLT D501DCRTS501 Last 5 Average Points
07. 4 Balls 2 Mitts5-78-47-520-162-1-06-34-510-8LWW.55620
14. Wimpy's7-57-56-620-162-0-14-56-310-8WWT.55620
09. Juggernaut5-78-46-619-171-1-14-56-39-9LWT.52819
10. Hills Hurlers3-94-89-316-201-2-03-64-59-9LLW.44416
08. The Rebels7-54-83-914-221-2-04-53-67-11WLL.38914
13. Top Spot 11-118-45-714-221-2-03-63-68-10LWL.38914
11. Get 'R' Done3-94-86-613-230-2-13-63-67-11LLT.36113
12. Warriors0-125-76-611-250-2-14-52-75-13LLT.30611


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