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Team W11W10W9W8W7 Win-Loss WLT T701D501S301 Last 5 Average Points
28. The Dartside8-37-47-47-47-469-528-3-015-719-1435-31WWWWW.57069
25. The Bullshooters7-47-45-63-86-561-496-4-015-515-1531-29WWLLW.55561
24. Shafted4-74-74-74-75-661-604-7-09-1317-1635-31LLLLL.50461
27.Fly by Nights7-44-76-53-83-851-705-6-09-1313-2029-37WLWLL.42151
26. Top Flytes3-87-46-54-78-350-714-7-06-1613-2031-35LWWLW.41350
23. Avengers4-74-75-64-74-741-690-10-06-1411-1924-36LLLLL.37341


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