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Team W23W22W21W20W19 Win-Loss WLT T701D501S301 Last 5 AVG PTS
23. C for Serious7-45-67-46-58-3150-10317-6-025-2146-2379-59WLWWW.593150
28.Fly by Nights7-46-510-19-23-8135-11812-11-025-2134-3576-62WWWWL.534135
24. Shafted4-79-24-72-911-0†115-1388-15-019-2527-3958-74LWLLW.455115
26. Who Darted9-28-37-45-69-2106-1477-16-021-2529-4056-82WWWLW.419106
27. Crazy Ones4-73-81-106-52-976-1773-20-013-3317-5246-92LLLWL.30076
25. The Royal Pains2-92-94-75-60-11†74-1793-20-010-3422-4442-90LLLLL.29274
† in the weekly scores denotes the match score has been entered but the game details have not.


 Player Of The Week
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 Week 23 All Stars
3 All Stars
Player Team Division All Star Score
Ken Dougles (spare)25. The Royal PainsSimcoeHigh Score124
   High Score101
   Double Outs2
2 All Stars
Player Team Division All Star Score
Ron Baker25. The Royal PainsSimcoeHigh Score124
   Double Outs2
Barb Belliveau25. The Royal PainsSimcoeHigh Score102
   Double Outs1
Kevin Boothby26. Who DartedSimcoeHigh Score120
   Double Outs3
Paul Jablonski23. C for SeriousSimcoeHigh Score121
   Double Outs3
Rick Jablonski23. C for SeriousSimcoeHigh Finish 101 +112
   Double Outs4
Jean Knodwell28.Fly by NightsSimcoeHigh Score120
   Double Outs4
Sue Magee27. Crazy OnesSimcoeHigh Score107
   Double Outs2
Mike. Morris23. C for SeriousSimcoeHigh Score138
   Double Outs3
Paul Phenix26. Who DartedSimcoeHigh Finish 80 - 10085
   Double Outs4
Evelyn Saunders28.Fly by NightsSimcoeHigh Score133
   Double Outs2
1 All Star
Player Team Division All Star Score
Ma Pain25. The Royal PainsSimcoeDouble Outs1
Lisa Wardrop28.Fly by NightsSimcoeDouble Outs2
Jenny Armstrong27. Crazy OnesSimcoeDouble Outs3
Roger Belliveau28.Fly by NightsSimcoeDouble Outs4
Carla Boothby26. Who DartedSimcoeDouble Outs3
Ev Christensen24. ShaftedSimcoeDouble Outs3
Jake Jablonski23. C for SeriousSimcoeDouble Outs2
Loreen Jablonski23. C for SeriousSimcoeDouble Outs1
Lyle Leitch24. ShaftedSimcoeDouble Outs3
Wendy Leitch24. ShaftedSimcoeDouble Outs1
Justine Martin25. The Royal PainsSimcoeDouble Outs1
Carl Mattinen26. Who DartedSimcoeDouble Outs2
Michelle Mattinen26. Who DartedSimcoeDouble Outs2
Charlene Mitchell 27. Crazy OnesSimcoeDouble Outs1
Glenn Phenix23. C for SeriousSimcoeDouble Outs2
Laine Phenix26. Who DartedSimcoeDouble Outs2
Doug Ritchie28.Fly by NightsSimcoeDouble Outs4
Marcus Smith27. Crazy OnesSimcoeDouble Outs1
Phil Taylor24. ShaftedSimcoeDouble Outs3
Paul Thompson26. Who DartedSimcoeDouble Outs2
Megan Walter27. Crazy OnesSimcoeDouble Outs2
Barb White24. ShaftedSimcoeDouble Outs2