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Team W23W22W21W20W19 Win-Loss WLT T701D501S301 Last 5 Average Points
28. The Dartside6-53-87-48-34-7131-12213-10-025-2135-3471-67WLWWL.518131
25. The Bullshooters6-58-38-33-86-5122-13112-11-026-2029-4067-71WWWLW.482122
24. Shafted5-66-54-77-43-8115-1388-15-017-2933-3665-73LWLWL.455115
27.Fly by Nights7-43-83-85-62-9113-14010-13-022-2430-3961-77WLLLL.447113
23. Avengers5-68-38-36-54-7111-1426-17-022-2430-3959-79LWWWL.439111
26. Top Flytes4-75-63-84-76-598-1557-16-012-3423-4663-75LLLLW.38798


 Player Of The Week
Janet Neggers23. Avengers
Todd McGrath25. The Bullshooters
   Game of the Week
Nancy Fleury + Barb Belliveau (.262) defeated Taryn Avery (spare) + Lisa Wardrop (.486) in Doubles 501
   Georgina Elite
Fred Morgenroth03. Dartflyers
Terry Cooper03. Dartflyers
   Game of the Week
Mike Pedersen + Udo Veidemanis (.397) defeated Mark Tremblett + Dave Bennett (.682) in Doubles 501

 Week 23 All Stars
3 All Stars
Player Team Division All Star Score
Evelyn Saunders27.Fly by NightsSimcoeHigh Score117
   High Score113
   Double Outs2
Peter Warick 27.Fly by NightsSimcoeHigh Score140
   High Score116
   Double Outs2
2 All Stars
Player Team Division All Star Score
Nancy Fleury26. Top FlytesSimcoeHigh Score118
   Double Outs3
Paul James25. The BullshootersSimcoeHigh Score140
   Double Outs3
Christina Keenan25. The BullshootersSimcoeHigh Score104
   Double Outs1
Janet Neggers23. AvengersSimcoeHigh Score133
   Double Outs5
Ryan Richardson28. The DartsideSimcoeHigh Score105
   Double Outs4
Brad Sedore28. The DartsideSimcoeHigh Finish 80 - 100100
   Double Outs3
Virginia Winterton24. ShaftedSimcoeHigh Score101
   Double Outs1
1 All Star
Player Team Division All Star Score
Taryn Avery (spare)27.Fly by NightsSimcoeDouble Outs3
Laurie Barnes25. The BullshootersSimcoeDouble Outs1
Lisa Wardrop27.Fly by NightsSimcoeDouble Outs2
Jenny Armstrong28. The DartsideSimcoeDouble Outs2
Mary Avery 26. Top FlytesSimcoeDouble Outs3
Al Ayres23. AvengersSimcoeDouble Outs1
Mike Ayres23. AvengersSimcoeDouble Outs3
Amer Beeforth 25. The BullshootersSimcoeDouble Outs2
Barb Belliveau26. Top FlytesSimcoeDouble Outs1
Roger Belliveau27.Fly by NightsSimcoeDouble Outs4
Charlene Boscombe 28. The DartsideSimcoeHigh Score115
Geoff Boscombe28. The DartsideSimcoeDouble Outs2
Joy Broders26. Top FlytesSimcoeDouble Outs1
Ev Christensen24. ShaftedSimcoeDouble Outs1
Patsy Hefford24. ShaftedSimcoeDouble Outs2
Dorreen Henderson25. The BullshootersSimcoeDouble Outs2
Jill Hood25. The BullshootersSimcoeDouble Outs3
Jean Knodwell27.Fly by NightsSimcoeDouble Outs2
Lyle Leitch24. ShaftedSimcoeDouble Outs2
Sue Magee28. The DartsideSimcoeDouble Outs2
Leigh Magowan24. ShaftedSimcoeDouble Outs1
Todd McGrath25. The BullshootersSimcoeDouble Outs3
Bill Neggers23. AvengersSimcoeDouble Outs3
Glen Peters 26. Top FlytesSimcoeDouble Outs1
Teresa Petrie23. AvengersSimcoeHigh Score101
Allan Stevenson23. AvengersSimcoeHigh Score101
Phil Taylor24. ShaftedSimcoeDouble Outs2
Megan Walter28. The DartsideSimcoeDouble Outs2
Barb White24. ShaftedSimcoeDouble Outs3