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 Georgina Elite
Team W20W19W18W17W16 Win-Loss WLT T701D501S501S401DCRT Last 5 AVG PTS
4. Dartflyers10-414-013-110-48-6209-3319-0-035-351-652-1445-326-7WWWWW.864209
2. CJ Barleys4-1011-310-44-108-6173-6916-3-027-1142-1538-2841-725-8LWWLW.715173
1. Sure Shots11-311-39-511-36-8161-8015-4-026-1243-1436-3035-1221-12WWWWL.668161
6. Shell Lumber8-63-111-139-56-8132-11012-7-022-1630-2731-3539-910-23WLLWL.545132
3. Tegan Dickinson6-83-115-95-99-5120-1229-9-125-1330-2723-4331-1711-22LLLLW.496120
5. Thee Resurrection3-110-144-103-115-972-1703-15-111-2712-4518-4825-236-27LLLLL.29872


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