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Hamilton Veteran's Dart League - News

Playoffs Results and Week 2 Matches

Congrats to our first round winners! The March 28 matches are as follows. City Cup Finals Week 1: 163A @ 58 Hobos Knock-out Cup Semi-Finals: 58C @ 622 Gold and 163Z @ VSL Vets... REMINDER - All-stars and individual points are not counted in the playoffs.

Added on: Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Playoff Schedule and Draw

City Cup March 21 58 Hobos @ Waterdown 622 A$$holes @ 163A March 28 Winners March 21 @ TBA April 4 Third Round if required @ TBA Knock-Out Cup March 21 VSL C @ 58C 163Z @ 551 Byes 622 Gold and VSL Vets March 28 58C / VSL C @ 622 Gold 551 / 163Z @ VSL Vets April 4 Knock-out Cup final @ TBA

Added on: Monday, March 20, 2023

Playoff Draw / Captains Meeting Reminder

Reminder that the Playoff Draw and Captains Meeting will be at 7:30pm at VSL on March 20. The Captains meeting will be reviewing a draft Agenda for a spring AGM which will be held in late April (details will follow).

Added on: Wednesday, March 8, 2023

Singles Tournament Results

The annual Singles Tournament was held at Waterdown on February 28. With more than 30 entries the event was very competitive but the end Jeff Whiteman of 163 prevailed over 622's Jamie Way. Congrats to Jeff and remember that All-Star shots earned have been added to the last night of play on February 21 and there were 39 (!) of them including a 170 open by 58's Matt Fraser (58) who also shot two 180s and 180s by Scott Summerville (Waterdown), Bob Fannon (622), Jason Farnan (58) and Jeff Whiteman (163).

Added on: Wednesday, March 1, 2023

Legion District Results 2023

Congratulations to the following HVDL members who will be moving on to the Provincial Championships! Doubles - Roy Reeves and Barry Peer, Ron Larkin and Ryan Kooistra (551 Waterdown), Pete Riehl and Jason Farnham (58 East Hamilton) Teams - Ron Larkin, Mackenzie Kingsmill, Sean Lodge, Ruth Kingsmill (551 Waterdown).

Added on: Monday, February 27, 2023

Legion District Seniors Results 2023

Congratulations to the following HVDL members who are moving on to Provincial Seniors Championships. Singles - Barry Peer (551 Waterdown), Doubles - John Taylor and Pete Riehl (58 East Hamilton) Teams - Ron Larkin, Barry Peer, Ken Mison, Scott Summerville (551 Waterdown).

Added on: Monday, February 27, 2023

Doubles Cricket Tournament Winners

Congratulations to winners Roy Reeves and Ken Mison defeating Jamie Way and Sandor Jeffries in the annual Doubles Cricket blind draw at 622 Legion on January 31. The tournament was well attended and our thanks to 622 for hosting us.

Added on: Thursday, February 2, 2023

Legion Zone B6 Seniors Results 2023

The Seniors Darts for Zone 6 were held at Waterdown Br. 551 on January 21, 2023. HVDL members moving on to Districts are: SINGLES - Ravi Patel (Br. 622), Barry Peer, Ken Mison, Ron Larkin (Br. 551), Hugh Searle (Br. 163), Doug Johnson (Br. 36) DOUBLES - Ken Mison & Barry Peer / Ron Larkin & Ron Miller (Br. 551), Hugh Searle & Lloyd Richards / Pete Colley & Gene Day / Kevin Phillippo & Brian Kokoski (Br. 163), Pete Riehl & John Taylor (Br. 58) TEAMS - Ron Miller, Ron Larkin, Ken Mison, Barry Peer / Frank Jarmuth, Brian Cruden, Ruth Kingsmill, Bill Houston (Br 551), Pete Riehl, George Butler, Bill Mlzeko, John Taylor (Br. 58), Kevin Phillippo, Brian Kokoski, Pete Colley, Gene Day / John Aitchison, Melanio Aitchinson, Mary Howard, Randy Ashurst (Br 163), Doug Johnson, Bryan Mitchell, Brad Shobbrook, Stan Sklepowscz (Br 36)

Added on: Sunday, January 22, 2023

Legion Zone B6 Results 2023

The Zone B6 tournament was run at Branch 163 on January 15. The following HVDL members will be advancing to District championships. SINGLES: Roy Reeves, Ron Miller, Barry Peer, Ron Larkin, Brian Cruden (Br. 551 Waterdown), Pete Riehl (Br. 58, Hamilton) and Doug Johnson (Br. 36, Dundas). DOUBLES: Hugh Searle & Jeff Whiteman / Lloyd Richards & Gene Day (Br. 163, Hamilton), Ron Larkin & Ron Miller, Barry Peer & Roy Reeves (Br. 551), Pete Riehl & Matt Fraser (Br. 58), Doug Johnson & Brian Mitchell (Br. 36) TEAMS: Ron Miller, Barry Peer, Roy Reeves, Ryan Koistra / Ron Larkin, Mackenzie Kingsmill, Sean Lodge, Ruth Kingsmill (Br.551), Ron Villanueva, Tony Spattchett, Pete Riehl, Matt Fraser (Br. 58), Jeff Whiteman, Hugh Searle, Gene Day, Lloyd Richards / Mike Broom, Brian Kokoski, Kevin Phillips, Randy Ashurst (Br. 163), Doug Johnson, Mike Horner, Brian Mitchell, Brodie Howlett (Br. 36)

Added on: Sunday, January 22, 2023

High Open and Finish Reminder

Just a reminder to Captains that High Open and High Finish (Close) All-stars are both 120 or higher. High scores are 140 - 177. See the definitions on the Captains Scratch Pad if you use them. Thanks!

Added on: Wednesday, January 18, 2023

In Memoriam: Wayne Jessop

It is with regret we announce the passing of Wayne on New Years Eve. Wayne has been a member of several HVDL teams over the years and this season had played with the Branch 58c Team. Our condolences to Wayne's family.

Added on: Tuesday, January 10, 2023

Doubles Tournament Winners!

Congratulations to Barry Peer (Waterdown) and Matt Fraser (58 Hobos) who won the Doubles Blind Draw defeating Roy Reeves (Waterdown) and Russ Boyd (163A) in a hard fought final. The turnout was good with 26 players. Our thanks to Branch 163 for hosting the event. As a reminder All-Star points earned during this tournament were added to the players results for December 6th. 24 All-Star points were earned including 2x180, 2 high opens, 1 high finish and 19 high scores!

Added on: Wednesday, December 14, 2022

All-stars earned during tournaments

All-star shots earned during tournaments are recorded and awarded to the players. The way the website works is that there are no "games" being played on a tournament night so there is no way to enter all-star points for that night. In order to award the all-star points we will enter them into the players previous week results. So all-star points earned last night at the Triples Blind Draw have been entered into the night of Nov 1st - the last team play night.

Added on: Wednesday, November 9, 2022

Triples Blind Draw Results

The annual Triples Blind Draw was held at Branch 58 on November 8 with 18 entries forming 6 teams. The Winning team was comprised of Matt Fraser, Nick Fraser and Hugh Searle. Runners-up were the team of Barry Peer, Jason Farnan and Jeff Whiteman. Special notice to Jason Farnan, Jeff Whiteman and Pete Riehl for hitting 180's, Ken Mison for a 174 high score and Jason Farnan for a 126 finish.

Added on: Tuesday, November 8, 2022

4-Man Blind Draw Results

The 4-Man Blind Draw was held October 4th at Branch 58 with 20 entrants making 5 teams. The winning team was Roy Reeves, Ron Larkin, George Butler and Bill Mleckzo. Runners-up were Matt Fraser, Glen MacDonald, John Carr and Bill Houston. Don't miss the Blind Draw Triples at Branch 58 on November 8!

Added on: Wednesday, November 2, 2022

Steve May of VSL C hits 170 open!

Congrats to Steve on his max open on 25 October!

Added on: Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Captains Note - Reporting Results

Beginning Tuesday October 25th we move to a new Results Scorecard and it will continue to be the responsibility of the WINNING Captain to photograph and send the result to the Results line. NO phone calls or text messages will be accepted as a results report. The new scorecards and a Captains Scratchpad will be distributed to all Captains on Monday October 24th at Player Registration. You can also download them on in the Downloads section on the Main page.

Added on: Wednesday, October 12, 2022

HVDL Players Medal at 55+ Canada Games!

Congratulations to Barry Peer and Ken Mison of Waterdown who were members of Team Ontario at the 2022 55+ Canada Games. The Games were held in Kamloops B.C. in late August and featured more than 2,500 competitors across numerous sports. In darts, Barry won the Gold medal in Singles, Barry and Ken won Bronze in Doubles and partnering with the Ontario woman's representatives Barry and Sharon Trumbley took the Gold with Ken and Pam Richardson receiving the Silver medals.

Added on: Sunday, October 9, 2022