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 "A" Division
Team DCRKTD 601S 501T 701 AVG AGG Tot-Pts
622 "A"34-1432-1630-1718-14011412
163 Bulls28-2029-1928-2017-15010211
Those Guys26-2226-2223-2420-1209510
The Hobos24-2422-2620-2818-140847
163 Fury8-4011-3718-307-250440

 W12 Results
   "A" Division
Those Guys 13-9The HobosView Result
163 Bulls had a bye this week.
163 Fury 3-19622 "A"View Result
 "B" Division
Team DCRKTD 601S 501T 701 AVG AGG Tot-Pts
58 C32-1631-1732-1621-11011615
Waterdown "B"29-1930-1824-2416-1609912
VSL C20-2823-2524-2415-170825
VSL Vets21-2721-2718-3014-180744
622 Gold18-3015-3322-2614-180694

 W12 Results
   "B" Division
58 C 11-11Waterdown "B"View Result
VSL Vets had a bye this week.
622 Gold 14-8VSL CView Result

 Player of the Week
   "A" Division
Ken MisonThose Guys
   "B" Division
Ron Villanueva58 C

 W12 All Stars
2 All Stars
Player Team Division All Star Score
Larry AllanThe Hobos"A" DivisionHigh Open120
   High Open120
Mitchell Blacklock163 Fury"A" DivisionHigh Score140
   High Score140
Jason Farnan622 "A""A" DivisionHigh Score140
   High Score140
Ken MisonThose Guys"A" DivisionHigh Finish152
   High Score140
Rick WebsterThe Hobos"A" Division1801
   High Score140
1 All Star
Player Team Division All Star Score
Ron Miller622 "A""A" Division1801
Ravi PatelThe Hobos"A" DivisionHigh Score140
Roy ReevesThose Guys"A" DivisionHigh Score140
Ron Villanueva58 C"B" DivisionHigh Score140
Derek Walters163 Fury"A" DivisionHigh Open160
Gerry WishartVSL C"B" DivisionHigh Score140