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Pos Name Division WP DCRKTD 601S 501T 701 PTS 3TripH-OpnH-Fin#HiSc180s
158 C"B" Division1663-3362-3465-3141-2323101600165
2622 "A""A" Division1665-3162-3457-3936-282201170141475
3163 Bulls"A" Division1655-4154-4255-4137-272013160151513
4Those Guys"A" Division1653-4354-4256-4043-211970156167303
5Waterdown "B""B" Division1662-3460-3652-4432-3219601420141
6VSL C"B" Division1640-5645-5153-4330-34168000101
7The Hobos"A" Division1644-4646-4440-5026-341662160124236
8622 Gold"B" Division1637-5932-6441-5529-351390120050
9VSL Vets"B" Division1638-5841-5529-6728-361360160081
10163 Fury"A" Division1617-7318-7226-6414-468701600141

WP - Weeks Played
DCRKT - Doubles Cricket
D 601 - 601 Doubles
S 501 - 501 Singles
T 701 - 701 Triples
PPW - Points per Week
AS - Total All Stars Hit
3Trip - 3-Triples
H-Opn - High Open
H-Fin - High Finish
#HiSc - High Score
180s - 180
PTS - Points
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