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Queen Street Dart League - News

Notice of 2022 Annual General Meeting

Please note:

The 2022 Queen Street Dart League Annual General Meeting will be held:

Date: May 3 – 7:00PM

Location: Eagles Club 17 Elm Street (2 blocks north of Dundas and Yonge)

All positions except President up for election

Any member in good standing may attend, but only registered captains can vote.

Further details to follow...

Added on: Wednesday, April 6, 2022

Working on Summer Season...

DO NOT contact us.

We are working on the summer season and will have it ready, including schedules in a few days.

Added on: Friday, May 20, 2022

Summer Rules to be Changed


Please note that the Summer Rules in the "League Downloads" section are the 2019 summer rule set.

Rules will be updated after tonight's captains meeting, and will be posted as soon as ready.

Added on: Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Captains Meeting May 17

Summer Captains,

Reminder that Our meeting is:


Tuesday May 17 7PM

The Eagles

17 Elm Street

(2 blocks north of Dundas west of Yonge)


If you can’t make it, let us know that you are sending someone in your place.

The purpose of this meeting is to decide how summer play will work.

Based on our experience we will have some recommendations for most items below, but you captains will ultimately decide how we proceed.

Along with welcoming new captains/players and deciding the following:

Summer league structure

Divisional alignments

  • We recommend 3 Divisions of 6 (18 teams)

Number of weeks of play

  • We recommend 15 weeks total (plus playoffs)

  • 10 weeks by geography; 5 weeks by win percentage in A, B, C Divisions

Playoff format – Similar for all Divisions – Seeded by Win Percentage

  • Week 1 Top 2 teams get a BYE while lower 4 playdown to 2 teams

  • Week 2 – 4 teams

  • Week 3 - Finals

Number of weeks needed to qualify

We recommend 5 (based on 15 weeks of play)

Other Housekeeping

  • Start time

  • Max Roster Size

  • Format of Games played

  • Recycling

Timeline (Based on 15 weeks of play)

1st10 Weeks – By Geography - May 31 to Aug 2

Break Week Aug 9

5 Weeks Divisionalized by Win Percentage – Aug 16 to Sep 13

Playoffs - Sep 20, 27 & Finals Oct 4th

Annual General Meeting October 18

See you there!

The QSDL Board

Added on: Monday, May 9, 2022

Congrats to Divisional Winners

Winners A Division Screaming Eagles

C Division - Darts of Hazzard

Winners B1 Division - Bulls on Parade

Winners B2 Division - Darts, Full Lagers

Winner Combined B FInal: Darts, Full Lagers






NOTE: Overall B Winner to be determined after 2 Week Home and Home series

B Championship - Darts, Full Lagers AT Bulls on Parade - Christie Pits Pub




Added on: Saturday, April 2, 2022

Important League Changes

The following motions were passed at the Tuesday Oct 12th Captains Meeting:

Overall Details

  • 7:00 o’clock start; grace period to 7:15
  • Players must be double vaccinated in order to gain access to venue (while Ontario law requires)
  • Masks must be worn properly while playing
  • Chalk and walk – no chalkers
  • No Recycling
  • Teams with 3 players forfeit 1 match per set of 4 games (A-4, B-3, C-3)
  • Forfeit may be called when a team shows with 2 players or less by 7:15
  • NO PERSONAL stats, only TEAM stats
  • League will recommend to venue to NOT serve common food; either individual portions or no food at all

Format (by division)

A Division
16 matches
First 4  --  Chicago consisting of Cricket, 501 SIDO, 301 DIDO
Next 12  --  501 SIDO
Captains put the first 8 up all at once; next 8 are due once first 8 completed

B Division
12 matches  --  Chicago consisting of Cricket, 501 SIDO, 301 DIDO
Captains put the first 8 up all at once; next 4 once first 8 completed

C Division
12 matches – Modified Chicago consisting of Cricket, 401 SIDO, 301 SIDO
Captains put the first 8 up all at once; next 4 once first 8 completed

SIDO = Single In Double Out
DIDO = Double In Double Out

Schedule & Playoffs
3 weeks required to qualify for playoffs.
A Division will run its schedule to approx. end November and begin Home and Home Jan 2022 playoffs
B and C Divisions will run for 7 weeks until December 7th, resuming January 4th

Actual playoff formats to be determined at a later date.

Added on: Sunday, October 17, 2021

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