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Team W15WK14WK13WK12WK11 Win-Loss WLT D501DCS401 Last 5 Average Points
Meaty Oakers12-411-513-310-610-6172-6814-0-139-2150-1083-37WWWWW.717172
Focus Group9-711-512-412-410-6148-9210-3-232-2839-2177-43WWWWW.617148
C Eagles11-55-1110-64-129-7140-10010-5-034-2636-2470-50WLWLW.583140
Black Rats8-814-26-106-106-10116-1246-6-331-2927-3358-62TWLLL.483116
Dart Tarts5-115-119-711-58-8100-1405-8-225-3523-3752-68LLWWT.417100
Dubliners 27-92-147-910-66-1099-1414-10-130-3020-4049-71LLLWL.41399
Stagger Ins4-128-84-125-117-991-1492-10-327-3323-3741-79LTLLL.37991


 Week 15 All Stars
2 All Stars
Player Team Division All Star Score
Jeff HuestisMeaty OakersCFinish 101+110
   Score 130-169x1
1 All Star
Player Team Division All Star Score
Peter BillsUnknown TeamUnknown DivisionScore 130-169x1
Byam ByamBalrogsCScore 130-169x1
Taheer DatooStagger InsCScore 130-169x1
Kiki DimitriadisBlack RatsCScore 130-169x1
Kenny HughesBlack RatsCScore 130-169x1
Flemming JoensenBlack RatsCScore 130-169x1
Jay MillerC EaglesCScore 130-169x1
Chris MooreDubliners 2CScore 130-169x1
Niall ReidDubliners 2CScore 130-169x1
Nick SleimanMeaty OakersCScore 130-169x1
Phil WoodDart TartsCScore 130-169x1