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Team WK12WK11WK10W9W8 Win-Loss WLT D501DCS401 Last 5 Average Points
Meaty Oakers10-610-68-814-29-7136-5611-0-128-2039-969-27WWTWW.708136
C Eagles4-129-711-511-516-0114-788-4-030-1830-1854-42LWWWW.594114
Focus Group12-410-68-811-516-0116-767-3-225-2331-1760-36WWTWW.604116
Black Rats6-106-1011-510-69-788-1045-5-223-2520-2845-51LLWWW.45888
Dubliners 210-66-1012-45-110-1683-1094-7-124-2417-3142-54WLWLL.43283
Dart Tarts 8-85-112-140-1670-1063-6-218-2615-2937-51TLLLL.39870
Stagger Ins 7-94-126-107-970-1062-7-222-2217-2731-57LLLLL.39870


 Week 12 All Stars
2 All Stars
Player Team Division All Star Score
Tim BowieMeaty OakersCScore 130-169x2
Chris MooreDubliners 2CScore 130-169x2
Nigel RamseyBlack RatsCScore 130-169x2
1 All Star
Player Team Division All Star Score
Graham ChevreauMeaty OakersC3 Trebles or Double Bullsx1
Shane FennC EaglesCScore 130-169x1
Jake FischerMeaty OakersCScore 130-169x1
Flemming JoensenBlack RatsCScore 170+180
Niall ReidDubliners 2CScore 130-169x1
Luke VanWyckMeaty OakersCScore 130-169x1